Master Facility Plan

A Master Facility Plan creates actionable strategies that result in a vibrant, livable, inclusive, accessible, and sustainable campus. This roadmap is a series of layers which includes land and building use, site and landscape, infrastructure, and parking. The plan will identify specific projects for implementation, prioritizing work to ensure the College is well equipped to act in the near-term while also planning for long range and aspirational goals. 

After a review of several proposals, a subcommittee of our Board of Trustees has selected a firm called Perkins&Will to be our partner in crafting a blueprint for the campus’s future through a Master Facility Plan. Their expertise and innovative approach combined with deep experience in working with institutions of higher learning stood out among an impressive pool of firms. The Perkins&Will team also has expertise in accessibility, and sustainability, two critical aspects of our future planning and campus needs. 

All campus constituents are invited and encouraged to be part of planning for the physical blueprint for our campus. This graphic depicts the key groups involved in the planning process. 

Decision Making Pyramid

The Master Facility Plan process will take at least 6-8 months. See this graphic for information on phases and projected timelines.

campus plan schedule

Additional background is provided on the Master Facility Plan for your reference: