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Visit Campus

Join us for a campus visit that fits your schedule!

It pays to visit!

First-year students applying for Fall 2020 who visit before May 1, 2020, will receive $2,000 annually towards their cost of attendance at the College. Transfer students have until August 1, 2020 to visit.

Request a campus visit.

An ideal visit to campus includes:

  • transcript evaluation (transfer students)
  • meeting a professor
  • observing a class
  • having lunch in our cafeteria
  • talking with current students
  • chatting with a coach
  • campus tour (for science interested students, we have specific tours of the facilities)
  • meeting your admissions counselor

We recommend spending at least a half a day with us during the school week. Please let us know how much time you can spend with us and we will craft your visit to fit your time frame.

On-site Admissions for Transfer Students

Complete an online request

In addition to the personal visit option, we offer On-site admission for transfer students daily Monday through Friday.  On-site admission is designed to take the stress out of the application process and waiting for an admission decision. Schedule a time and bring in your official transcripts (college and high school) and academic letter of recommendation to receive a review of your coursework and an admission decision.  You must complete the Lake Forest College Transfer Application or the Transfer Common Application two business days prior to your appointment. We do not charge an application fee and you can submit your academic letter of recommendation and transcripts with the application or send them to us separately.

Transfer Fridays

Schedule your visit

We offer an opportunity for transfer students to jumpstart their application and learn more about the College by participating in a Transfer Friday! On this day you can complete an admissions interview or admissions chat, have your transcript reviewed by a member of the registrar’s office, chat with a professor, sit in on a class, have lunch with a current student, chat with a coach, and tour campus. Note that you may still join us for a personal visit with all of these options except the transcript review Monday-Thursday if Fridays don’t work for you.

Group Visits

Complete an online request

We are glad to welcome groups and can provide short presentations on the college admission process and how students can ready themselves for college. In the past, we have welcomed students from local high schools, counselors, and other groups that have been interested in seeing what a selective liberal arts college in the Chicago area has to offer. We offer group tours and can provide lunch options.