Rosalind Franklin University Doctor of Podiatric Medicine

Lake Forest College is affiliated with Rosalind Franklin University for the 3-3 Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM) program. 


RFUMS will consider for admission into the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine program LFC students who meet the Admissions Requirements, consistent with the Admissions Procedures, each of which is described below.

Admissions Requirements

  1. You are successfully progressing towards completion of a Bachelor degree from LFC and will have completed all pre-medicine courses by time of matriculation into RFUMS
  2. You have a minimum grade point average of 2.75 for all science coursework including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Anatomy/ Physiology (including all labs); and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  3. You have a positive recommendation from the Lake Forest College Pre-Health Advising Committee through successful participation in the pre-medicine coursework and the Health Professions Program offered in partnership between LFC and RFUMS.
  4. You have met or will prior to matriculation have met all other admissions requirements for the DPM program outlined in the University catalogue at time of application to RFUMS.  Early admission consideration will be granted pending MCAT results.
  5. You must have shadowed a podiatrist sufficiently in order to be fully familiar with the profession.

Admissions Procedures

  1. At the start of each academic year, Lake Forest College will provide RFUMS with the number of students and year of anticipated application for both early (following completion of Year 1 or 2 at LFC) and standard admission (following completion of Year 3 at LFC) to RFUMS who have indicated intent to apply for admission to the Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree at Both types of admission will apply to traditional program (4+4) and accelerated program (3+4) enrollment. Accelerated enrollment candidates (3+4) must engage in early admission consideration.
  2. All Lake Forest students seeking admission to the DPM program at RFUMS shall be required to submit a full application through the Centralized Application for Podiatric Medicine service during the application cycle for desired matriculation year in which a student would begin coursework at RFUMS. (Fulfillment of this requirement is in keeping with RFUMS’ agreement with the centralized service and allows for final review of the candidate’s requirements).
  3. All Lake Forest students seeking admission to the DPM program who meet the above-mentioned requirements will be invited to participate in an on-campus interview during either the early admission cycle or for standard admission, during the typical application cycle.

Regular Matriculation (Four years at Lake Forest College)

You pursue and complete any major at the College and you must complete the HPP program, the college’s FFC requirements, and prerequisite courses for the RFU degree program.

Accelerated Matriculation (Three years at Lake Forest College)

You should pursue the majors listed below for which suggested curriculum pathways are detailed below.  Additionally you must complete the college’s FFC requirements, and prerequisite courses for the RFU degree program.