Prerequisite Courses for RFUMS Dual-Degree Program

Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science (RFUMS) Dual-Degree Program prerequisite courses

Students planning for RFUMS Dual-Degree programs can either choose Accelerated Matriculation (3 years at Lake Forest College) or Regular Matriculation (4 years at Lake Forest College). For either option, students can apply for Early Decision (end of first-year or sophomore year) or Regular Decision (typically junior year).

If the student is planning for Regular Matriculation, then the student can major in any area offered at the College.

If planning for Accelerated Matriculation, then most Dual-Degree programs can accommodate these two majors: Biology or Neuroscience.  Clinical Counseling best accommodates Psychology, Neuroscience, and Sociology and Anthropology. Accelerated Matriculation has a demanding and tight schedule that requires you to know early in your academic career that RFU degree program and academic major is your true desire.  However, it will cut your tuition costs!

All students must complete their required pre-requisite coursework by the time the student matriculates into the RFU program and satisfies program-specific admission requirements.  Consult these requirements in the specific webpage for each dual-degree program on this Pre-Health website.

Below are the list of pre-requisites for each RFU Dual-Degree program.

RFUMS Dual-Degree for Doctor of Allopathic Medicine Pre-Requisite Courses

Pre-Medicine coursework at Lake Forest College (as of January 2021)

(Adjustments will be made as needed in keeping with this agreement)


BIOL 120: Organismal Biology with Lab
CHEM 115 and 116: Chemistry I & II with Lab
BIOL 221: Molecules, Genes, and Cells with Lab
CHEM 220 and 221: Organic Chemistry I & II with Lab
CHEM 300: Biochemistry with Lab
PHYS 110 and 111: Introductory Physics I & II with Lab
PSYC 110: Intro to Psychological Science
SOAN 110: Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology (take in first two years, or take a different SOAN course later)
MATH 150: Introduction to Probability & Statistics or PSYC 221: Research Methods & Statistics I or ECON 130 Applied Statistics
Two English courses or HPP SHIP courses that are writing-intensive

Recommended courses include:

One additional biology course (200-level or higher in cell/molecular, microbiology, physiology, genetics, or neurobiology)
Spanish or other language
Additional one or more humanities courses

All these courses are 1.00 LFC course credits—including the courses with labs.
Each 1.00 LFC course credits = 6 RFU FRU quarter credits