Rosalind Franklin University Physician Assistant Program

Lake Forest College is affiliated with Rosalind Franklin University for the 3-2 MS in PA program. 



RFUMS will consider for admission into the Physician Assistant program LFC students who meet the Admission Requirements, consistent with the Admission  Procedures, each of which is described below.

Admission Requirements

Students will be eligible to apply for admission in accordance with the following:

  1. They are successfully progressing towards completion of a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lake Forest and will have completed all prerequisite coursework (Appendix A) by time of matriculation into RFUMS with no grades below a B-.
  2. They have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 for all science coursework and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.2.
  3. They have shadowing and patient care experience that meets the requirements for HPP students.
  4. They have a positive recommendation from the Lake Forest College Pre-Health Advising Committee through successful participation in the prerequisite coursework and the Health Professions Program offered in partnership between LFC and RFUMS.
  5. They have met or will prior to matriculation have met all other admissions requirements for the Physician Assistant program as outlined in the RFUMS catalogue at time of application to RFUMS.

Admission Procedures

The admission procedures will be based on two separate conditions selected by the applicant.

  1. Early Decision vs. Regular Decision – the applicant may ask for an admissions decision early, during their sophomore year at LFC (early decision), or they may wait and apply during the cycle before their matriculation (regular decision).
  2. Accelerated Matriculation vs. Regular Matriculation – the applicant may matriculate into RFUMS at the end of their third year at LFC (accelerated matriculation), or at the end of their fourth year at LFC (regular matriculation).
  3. At the start of each academic year, Lake Forest College will provide RFUMS with the number of students and year of anticipated matriculation for both the early and the regular decision timeline who have indicated their intent to apply for the Physician Assistant program at RFUMS. Annually, LFC will also provide RFUMS with the names of LFC freshmen who have expressed a PA career interest and cooperate in the hosting of a PA information session at LFC.
  4. LFC HPP students will fill out the Health Professions Program short application, accessible via RFUMS, to indicate their intention of applying to the Physician Assistant program in the current or a future application cycle, regardless of decision and matriculation type.
  5. Portfolio submissions for this pathway must include the following elements: applicant and academic information, including transcripts; centralized application service-type descriptions of personal and professional activities and leadership experiences; personal statement, including professional school and career aspirations; reflections on diversity, adversity, and strengths/weaknesses; letters of recommendation and endorsement; and attestations pertaining to institutional actions, as well as any felonies, misdemeanors, academic suspensions, military discharges, and/or CAS investigations. A standard of professional and ethical behavior is required and expected for matriculation into the Physician Assistant program.
  6. All LFC HPP students who meet the admission requirements described above and apply to the Physician Assistant Program will be advanced to the interview phase of the application process, pending a successful review by the Physician Assistant program.
  7. When the RFUMS Physician Assistant program offers an initial letter of admission to LFC HPP students, it will be a conditional letter describing the academic performance, healthcare experience, and professionalism required during the final years at LFC. Pathway students will be required to acknowledge, in writing, their receipt of the conditional letter and their acceptance of its terms, including their understanding that conditional admission does not guarantee regular admission; failure to do so can result in revocation of the conditional offer of admission.
  8. LFC HPP students will complete and submit a CASPA application and any supplemental application materials during the application cycle for the desired matriculation year. Fulfillment of this requirement is in keeping with RFUMS’ agreement with CASPA and allows for inclusion of the applicants data in the national data pool.
  9. Final decisions on admission are the sole discretion of the Physician Assistant program, consistent with College of Health Professions and RFUMS policies. Furthermore, when the Physician Assistant program offers admission to LFC pathway students, all offers are conditional, pending agreement to the Technical Standards and completion of all matriculation requirements. Furthermore, admission does not imply graduation or licensure. Similarly, licensure requirements are subject to change and can vary by location.

Regular Matriculation (Four years at Lake Forest College)

You pursue and complete any major at the College and you must complete the HPP program, the college’s FFC requirements, and prerequisite courses for the RFU degree program.

Accelerated Matriculation (Three years at Lake Forest College)

You should pursue the majors listed below for which suggested curriculum pathways are detailed below.  Additionally you must complete the college’s FFC requirements, and prerequisite courses for the RFU degree program.