Midwestern University Doctor of Occupational Therapy

Admissions and articulation agreement between Lake Forest College and the College of Health Sciences at Midwestern University Downers Grove Campus Occupational Therapy Program

Beginning with the class matriculating in fall quarter-2023, the Occupational Studies Program at Midwestern University agrees to guarantee interviews and reserve three (3) acceptances, in total, for qualified LFC applicants per admission year. Applicants must apply through the Occupational Therapy Centralized Application Service (“OTCAS”), meet all the requirements set forth below, as well as excel in their interview with MWU’s Admission Committee, for reserved seating consideration. 

LFC students applying for admission to the OT Program must satisfy the following minimum requirements before the academic year commences for the incoming class:

  • Achieve a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in their undergraduate coursework
  • Have received (or be on track to complete and provide proof of completion by [first day of first quarter] of the calendar year when matriculation would occur if accepted) a baccalaureate degree from LFC
  • Have completed the minimum number of prerequisite courses (as stated in the Midwestern University Catalog) in the prescribed subject areas at a regionally accredited college or university with a grade of C or better before the program begins
  • Be recommended by a letter to the Dean of the College of Health Professions from Lake Forest College’s Pre-Health Advising Committee
  • All applicants must have completed Lake Forest College’s Health Professions Program prior to matriculation at Midwestern University
  • Oral and written communication skills necessary to interact with patients and colleagues
  • Completion of a first aid course within three years prior to enrollment
  • Motivation for and commitment to healthcare as demonstrated by previous work, volunteer work, or other life experiences
  • Reflect a people/service orientation through community service or extracurricular activities
  • Completion of the OT Program’s interview process
  • Abide by the Midwestern University Drug-Free Workplace and Substance Abuse Policy
  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Meet all other admissions requirements set forth by MWU

International Applicants

Must complete a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours of coursework from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States, or from a recognized post-secondary Canadian institution that uses English as its primary language of instruction. Of the thirty (30) semester hours, fifteen (15) hours must be in the sciences, six (6) hours must be in non-remedial English composition, and three (3) hours in speech/public speaking. Additional requirements for international students that have been accepted into the CP Program are included in the matriculation agreement.

The final decision on acceptance for applicants shall be up to the discretion of the OT Program Admissions Committee, subject to approval by both the Program Director and the Dean.

To be considered for admission to the OT Program, applicants:

  • Must complete an on-line application to OTCAS at http://www.otcas.org by September 1st. The applicant should refer to the OTCAS application instructions for specific details about completing the application, required documents, and processing time.
  • Must submit a minimum of two letters of recommendation directly to OTCAS. The Office of Admissions will only accept letters of recommendation received directly from OTCAS. It is preferred that one of the submitted letters is written by an occupational therapist who has supervised or mentored the applicant or is a professional who can speak to the applicant’s motivation, experiences in occupational therapy or readiness for entering the Occupational Therapy Program. The second letter can be written by either a college professor who taught the application or a prehealth advisor who knows the applicant well. The applicant should refer to OTCAS application instructions for specific guidelines and requirements for submitting letters of recommendation.

Prerequisite Courses

  • BIOL 120: Organismal Biology with Lab
  • CHEM 115 and 116: Chemistry I & II with Lab
  • HPPC 208: Human Anatomy
  • HPPC 209: Human Physiology
  • PSYC 110: Intro to Psychological Science
  • PSYC 210: Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 350: Psychopathology & Clinical Science
  • A statistics course: MATH 150: Intro Probability & Statistics or ECON/BUSN/FIN 130: Applied Statistics or PSYC 221: Research Methods & Statistics I

Recommended Courses

  • SOAN 110: Intro to Sociology and Anthropology
  • PHYS 110-111: Introductory Physics I & II
  • PHIL 150: 
  • PHIL 205: Medical Ethics or PHIL 375: Neuroethics