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Filing a Report

Please contact the Title IX Coordinator or Public Safety if you are unsure whether specific conduct violates Title IX or College Policy, or require additional assistance.

File a Complaint with the College

The College provides a prompt response and assessment of reports received, and upon evaluation and if necessary, will engage a fair, and impartial investigation for resolution of the concerns brought forward. The assessement, investigation, and resolution are conducted by individuals who receive annual training on issues related to sexual misconduct, rights and other gender and sex-based areas.. You may inquire about your rights, options, and resources without engaging in a report, or formal written complaint. Reaching out to the Title IX Office does not automatically begin a campus administrative investigation.

How to File:

Reports may be made online, in-person, by phone, or by third-parties. Currently the majority of reports from third-parties or the harmed individual are via online platforms. In an anonymous report, your information is not known to the institution because it has not been provided by yourself, or a third-party reporter. In a non-confidential report, your information will only be shared with those with the need to know to best assist you. In a confidential report, your information will not be shared with anyone else. A report is confidential only if it is reported to the Health and Wellness Center counselors.

Submitting a Report Anonymously
  • Reports by phone may be made to the Confidential and Independent Campus Conduct Hotline: 866-943-5787Please be advised that the College may be limited in its ability to fully investigate anonymous reports.
  •  Electronic complaints may be submitted by completing the form found here. Using this form, your information will be shared with the Title IX Office. But also be advised that the College may be limited in its ability to fully investigate anonymous reports.

    • To Whom You May File a Report Confidentially: (they will only share information with our office or police if you give permission to do so).

    With the exception of employees in the College’s Health and Wellness Center, all other College employees, including student employees, who receive a report of sexual misconduct are required to report it to the Title IX Coordinator.

    File a Complaint with Law Enforcement
    • Non-consensual sexual penetration or contact, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking are crimes. Individuals are encouraged, but not required, to report these crimes to the police. The Title IX Coordinator and Public Safety will assist individuals wishing to make a report to the police.

      If the incident occurred on campus, the Lake Forest Police Department has jurisdiction and can be contacted at:

      Lake Forest Police Department 255 W. Deerpath Rd., Lake Forest, IL 60045 847-234-2601 (non-emergency) 911 (emergency).

      For incidents in Chicago, contact:

      Chicago Police Department 1718 South State Street, Chicago, IL 60616 312-745-4290 (non-emergency) 911 (emergency).

    File A Report Externally

    A complaint must be filed within 180 days of the date of the alleged discrimination, unless the time for filing is extended for good cause by the Enforcement Office Director. Prior to filing a complaint with OCR against an institution, a potential complainant may want to use his or her school's institutional grievance process to have the complaint resolved (though a complainant is not required by law to use the institutional grievance procedure before filing a complaint with OCR). If a complainant uses an institutional grievance process, his or her Title IX complaint must be filed with OCR within 60 days after the last act of the institutional grievance process.

    Regardless of how you file, you will need to sign and mail a consent form to allow the OCR to process your complaint. This can be found in the PDF version of the complaint form, or if you are submitting electronically, will be given to you after you complete the form but before you press the final submit button.

    If the OCR believes the information you provided is insufficient, they may contact you and ask for further details. Your addendums must be submitted within 20 days of the OCR’s request.

    If an investigation indicates there has been a violation of Title IX, OCR attempts to obtain voluntary compliance and negotiate remedies. Only when it cannot obtain voluntary compliance does OCR initiate enforcement action. Enforcement usually consists of referring a case to the Department of Justice for court action, or initiating proceedings, before an administrative law judge, to terminate Federal funding to the recipient's program or activity in which the prohibited discrimination occurred. Terminations are made only after the recipient has had an opportunity for a hearing before an administrative law judge, and after all other appeals have been exhausted.

    Non-Confidential Resources

    To Whom You May File a Report Non-Confidentially: