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About Title IX

Access, Equity and Title IX


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Access, Equity & Title IX is committed to addressing all incidents of  discrimionation based on sex, power-based interpersonal violence, remedying the effects on individuals who have been harmed, and providing an equitable process for all participants. We believe that sexual misconduct is a form of power-based interpersonal violence that violates the dignity of a person and interferes with an individual's right to equal access and full participation in the Lake Forest College community. Equal access and full participation as a member of the Lake Forest College community is critical to individual success and to the College’s vision as an intellectual and creative community in which teaching, learning, scholarship, and creative work are accomplished at the highest levels.

To ensure compliance with Federal and State law we rely on the participation of the entire LFC community, including but not limited to, Human Resources, Deans, Academics, and Student Affairs, and students.

 In order to coordinate and provide oversight of the College's efforts for Access, Equity, & Title IX, including but not limited to:

  • Receives and responds to reports of power-based interpersonal violence
  • Oversee sex and gender concerns, including sexual orientation and gender identity
  • Admissions, recruitment, programs, athletics, counseling, housing, financial aid etc.
  • Conducts investigations
  • Coordinates appropriate supportive and protective measures
  • Offers informal and formal options
  • Identify and address patterns, monitor outcomes, and make recommendations to the College designed to show its commitment to Emerson’s value of a safe, respectful, and diverse learning, living and working environment
  • Maintains campus-wide oversight for compliance