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Rights: Equity and Access

Rights: Equity and Access

The mission of Lake Forest College is to provide a teaching, learning, and working environment in which faculty, staff, students, and guests can discover, examine critically, preserve, and transmit knowledge, wisdom, and values that will improve the quality of life for all. To promote the institutional mission, the College is committed to creating and maintaining a campus community that is free from discrimination and harassment including sex and gender-based (sexual orientation, gender, gender identity etc.). To achieve this, sex discrimnation and sexual misconduct Lake Forest College’s Title IX Policy applies to students, faculty and staff.

While sexual misconduct and athletics is often highlighted, Title IX affects all areas of education, and  it is your right not to experience discrimination, excluded access, or denied benefit of any area list below.

  • recruitment, admissions and housing;
  • career and technical education;
  • pregnant, parenting, and/or married students;
  • science, technology, engineering and math (STEM);
  • comparable facilities and access to course offerings;
  • financial assistance;
  • student health services and insurance benefits;
  • harassment based on gender identity; and
  • athletics and more.

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