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Prevention, Education and Training

Prevention, Education, and Training


You have reached the Equity and Title IX prevention, education, and training main page. This portion of the website is designed to assist employees, students, and volunteers in navigation required and optional trainings. As well as gaining information on awareness programming and prevention education  initiatives on and off campus. We hope you will find these pages helpful and resourceful for all of your training needs and education around equity and Title IX.

Please reach out to should you notice any inconsistencices, errors, deadlinks or to share suggestions regarding the pages in this section.

To learn more about current campus awareness programming please click here.


Quick Links

Training and Education

The Title IX Office is committed to providing resources and training to any group on campus that requests it. Click here to learn more about scheduling a training, or to find information about previous training.

Awareness and Outreach Programming

Learn about Primary and Prevention Awareness and Campus Programming

Prevention and Education

Click here to learn more about previous Title IX programming geared towards education, awareness, and prevention.

Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct

Click here to learn more about the Coalition Against Sexual Misconduct (CASM) on campus.