Title IX Coordinator and Team

Role of the Title IX Coordinator

The College has a designated Title IX Coordinator trained in the College’s policies and procedures, state, and federal law and other requirements related to sex discrimination, gender equity and gender violence, including seuxal orientation, gender identity and sexual misconduct  The Title IX Coordinator is an adminstrative role responsible for the management of  the College’s compliance with Title IX.  Specifically, the Title IX Coordinator:

  • Gender-based equality and sexual orientation anti-discrmination, including ensuring rights, access, and equitable processes and manage violations of any of those rights.
  • Oversees the investigation and/or resolution of all complaints of prohibited sex discrimination and sexual misconduct under the College’s Policy on Sex and Gender Discrimination and  Sexual Misconduct;
  • Advises complainants (individuals alleging misconduct or grievances), respondents (individuals accused of alleged misconduct) and/or third parties regarding support resources and options available through the College or off-campus, including options for resolving complaints of sexual discrimination and misconduct;
  • Provides traning and assistance to faculty and staff regarding how to appropriately respond to a report of prohibited misconduct under this policy;
  • Develops and updates College policies, procedures, websites, and resources addressing sex discrimination and  sexual misconduct;
  • Assesses campus climate, tracks and monitors gender discrimination ane sexual misconduct allegations on campus, and reports findings to College officials and/or the campus community, where appropriate;
  • Prepares federal and state required compliance reports; and
  • Oversees training, education, and prevention efforts for the campus community, including training in implementing this policy and the corresponding complaint resolution procedures.

Role of the Title IX Deputy Coordinator

  • Assists the Title IX Coordinator in responding to reports of sex discrimination and sexual misconduct.
  • Investigates complaints.
  • Provides educational programming for students.

Role of Other Title IX Professionals

  • Assist with campus procedures.
  • Assist with parent processes.
  • Support with the hearing process.
  • Aid with the appeal process.
  • Other coordinated efforts.