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LFC-RFU Steering Committee

Shubhik DebBurman, CHAIR
Science Partnerships Senior Director
Professor of Biology
Chair of Neuroscience, HPP, Pre-Health

Dawn Abt-Perkins
Associate Dean of Faculty for Student Success
Professor of Education
Co-Chair of Self-Designed Major

Michael Cohen
Director of Admissions

Andrew Gard
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Anya Golovkova
Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Muris Hazdic
Assistant Professor of Finance

Matthew Kelley
Professor of Psychology
Associate Dean of the Faculty

Ann Maine
Assistant Professor of Biology

Gizella Meneses
Professor of Spanish and Latin American and Latinx Studies
Chair of Latin American and Latinx Studies

Rachel Whidden
Associate Professor of Communication

Administrative Staff

Ben Rohde
Pathway Leader Science and Health Care

Kathleen Elsasser
Health Professions Program Coordinator