Susan Long

Susan Long

Affiliated Scholar in Psychology



University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

Ph.D. 2009, Psychology, Community and Prevention Research Division
Minor: Statistical Methods and Measurement
Dissertation: Abused homeless women’s journeys from shelters to home: An examination of the coping process

M.A. 2006, Psychology, Community and Prevention Research Division Master’s Thesis: The mediational effects of mastery on the association between employment and depression for low income women

Macalester College, St. Paul, MN

B.A. 2001 cum laude, Psychology, Women’s & Gender Studies
Honor’s Thesis: Women’s social class identities and the college experience

Research Interests

Violence against women
Institutional responses to violence
Sexual assault program evaluation
Community-based violence prevention
Women in poverty
Stress and coping process
Influence of environmental stressors on mental health

Community Research Collaborations

September 2019-     Freedom From Trafficking, Chicago, IL 

Providing qualitative data collection and analysis to understand the outcomes of their Housing First model for survivors of human trafficking in Chicago. This program provides housing, legal aid, and other social services for foreign-born survivors of human trafficking in Illinois. This research is funded in part by a grant from the Mellon Foundation.

January 2013-2019   ups2us, Lake County, IL

Program Evaluator for a bystander sexual assault prevention program, Up2UsQSI.This program is administered to high school students and adults. The focus of the program is changing gender role ideology to expand gender roles for men and women to include being active bystanders. The program teaches participants to Question gender roles and the violence they see, Support others who question, and Interrupt gender role stereotypes and violence.

December 2012-January 2019  The Zacharias Sexual Abuse Center, Gurnee, IL

Program Evaluator for their adult, child, and parent/partner counseling services. Analyzing the psychological well-being of clients from 2009-2014 using regularly administered Trauma Symptom Inventory (Briere, 1995) to understand strengths of counseling program and problem areas for clients.

2008-2009  Families Building Community, Chicago IL

Program Evaluator of case managers for a transitional living program. This program provided homeless families apartment housing for one year. Through qualitative interviews with 15 past and current clients who experienced domestic violence, case managers were found to be supportive to clients regarding the violence clients experienced.

Courses Taught

Community Psychology
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Gender-Based Violence
Introduction to Psychology Labs
Research Methods and Statistics
Social Labels & Identity

Selected Publications

*Indicates undergraduate student collaborators

Long, S. M., Sully*, E., Naumann*, M. (In preparation). Examining connections between formal social support systems for homeless battered women.

Long, S. M., Yohannes*, W., & Jhummon*, D. (Under review). Child-centered concerns of homeless abused mothers.

Long, S. M. (In Press). Making systems work: How women navigate homelessness after leaving abusive partners.  Journal of Community Psychology.

Mason, G. M., Ullman, S. E.,  Long, S. M., Long, L. L., & Starzynski, L. L. (2009). Social support and risk of sexual assault revictimization.  Journal of Community Psychology 37,  58-72.

Ullman, S. E. &  Long, S. M. (2008). Factor structure of PTSD in a community sample of sexual assault survivors.  Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 9, 507-524.

Ullman, S. E., Starzynski, L. L,  Long, S. M., Mason, G. E., & Long, L. M. (2008). Exploring the relationships of women’s sexual assault disclosure, social reactions, and problem drinking.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 23, 1235-1257.

Long, S. M., Ullman, S. E., Long, L. M., Mason, G. E., & Starzynski, L. L. (2007). Similarities and differences in women’s sexual assault experiences by sexual orientation.  Violence & Victims, 22, 684-701.

Ostrove, J. M. &  Long, S. M. (2007). Social class and belonging: Implications for college adjustment.  Review of Higher Education, 30,363-389.

Starzynski, L. L., Ullman, S. E., Townsend, S. M., Long, L. M., &  Long, S. M. (2007). What factors predict women’s disclosure of sexual assault to mental health professionals?  Journal of Community Psychology, 35, 619-638.

Campbell, R. M.,  Long, S. M., Townsend, S. M., Kinnison, K., Pulley, E., Adames, S., & Wasco, S. (2007). Sexual assault nurse examiners’ (SANEs) experiences providing expert witness court testimony.  Journal of Forensic Nursing, 3, 7-14.

Staggs, S. L.,  Long, S. M., Mason, G. E., Krishnan, S. R., & Riger, S. (2007). Intimate partner violence, social support, and employment in the post-welfare reform era.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 22, 345-367.

Long, L. M., Ullman, S. E., Starzynski, L. L.,  Long, S. M., & Mason, G. E. (2007). Age and educational differences in African American women’s sexual assault experiences.  Feminist Criminology, 2, 117-136.

Campbell, R. M., Townsend, S. M.,  Long, S. M., Kinnison, K., Pulley, E., Adames, S., & Wasco, S. (2006). Responding to sexual assault victims’ medical and emotional needs: A national study of the services provided by SANE programs.  Research in Nursing & Health, 29, 384-398.

Campbell, R. M., Townsend, S. M.,  Long, S. M., Kinnison, K., Pulley, E., & Adames, B. (2005). Organizational characteristics of sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) programs: Results from the National Survey of SANE Programs.  Journal of Forensic Nursing, 7, 57-64, 88.

Recent Conference Presentations

Sully, E.*, Naumann, M.*, &  Long, S. M. (2014, May).  How formal social supports help and hinder homeless battered women. Poster to be presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting, Chicago, IL.

Lien, A., Darlaston-Jones, D., Dworkin, E., Grohe, H., Barlow, J., Ronayne, M., Thai, N., Belyaev-Glantsman, O., Rowley, R.,  Long, S. M., & Deacon, Z. (June, 2013).  Social justice in the classroom: Teaching controversial topics. Workshop held at the Society for Community Research and Action Biennial Meeting, Coral Gables, FL.

Odahl, C., Houston, J., Belyaev-Glantsman, O., &  Long, S. M. (June, 2013).  Women in research: Giving voice to the female experience. Roundtable held at the Society for Community Research and Action Biennial Meeting, Coral Gables, FL.

Schleihofer, M.,  Long, S. M., Sabina, C. (2013, June).  Early career development training preconference workshop. Workshop held at the Society for Community Research and Action Biennial Meeting, Coral Gables, FL.

Yohannes*, W., Jhummon*, D., &  Long, S. M. (2013, May). How homeless battered women protect and support their children. Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting, Chicago, IL.

Stevenson, M. C.,  Long, S. M., Becker, Lora. (2012, May).  Students Appreciate Unannounced Quizzes After Exposure To Them In Class. Presentation given at the American Psychological Society, Chicago, IL.

Schlehofer, M., Enchautegui-de-Jesus, N., Ferrari, J., Guitterez, L., Hazel, K.  Long, S. M., Majer, J., Phillips, S., Tran, N., & Zimmerman, L. (June, 2011).  Experiential learning in undergraduate community psychology courses. Roundtable presented at the Society for Community Research in Action, Chicago, IL.

Long, S.M. (2010, May).  The Process of Rehousing for Homeless Abused Women.  Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting, Chicago, IL.

Riger, S., Staggs, S. L., &  Long, S. M. (2007, October).  Challenges in Conducting Policy- Relevant Research. Topic Brainstorm Session conducted at the Midwest Ecological Conference, Chicago, IL.

Mason, G. E., Staggs, S. L.,  Long, S. M., & Krishnan, S. R. (2006, May).  How Social Support Affects Abuse and Employment for Low-Income Women. Poster presented at the Midwestern Psychological Association meeting, Chicago, IL.

Long, S. M. (2005, October).  The Diversity Within: How Does Racial Awareness Affect the Work of White Community Psychologists? Innovative Session conducted at the Midwest Ecological Conference, Saugatuck, MI 

Krishnan, S. R., Mason, G. E., Griffiths, K.,  Long, S. M., Kasturirangan, A., & Staggs, S. L. (2005, June).  The Impact of Performance Measurement on Domestic Violence Agencies.  Roundtable conducted at the meeting of the Society for Community Research and Action, Urbana, IL.

Staggs, S. L.,  Long, S. M., Krishnan, S. R., & Mason, G. E. (2005, June).  How States Measure the Performance of Funded Domestic Violence Agencies. Poster presented at the meeting of the Society for Community Research and Action, Urbana, IL.

Krishnan, S. R.,  Long, S. M., Mason, G. E., Riger, S., & Staggs, S. L. (2005, May).  Performance Measurement in Community-Based Organizations. Symposium conducted at the meeting of the Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL.

Ostrove, J.M., &  Long, S.M. (2001, August).  White women’s social class identity and the college experience. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.

Invited Guest Lectures

November 2020 Faculty Discussion Group, Lake Forest College

April 2019 “Global #metoo Movement” Panel Member, Invited by Write Love on Her Arms and International Student Organization

March 2018 “Advocates Against Sexual Assault” Panel Member, Invited by It’s On Us and LFC Student Government, Lake Forest College

March 2018 Want to Be A Professor? Job fair participant, Invited by Lake Forest High School

April 2018 “Career Paths in Sexual Assault” Lake Forest College

March 2015 “Alumni Career Day”, Invited by Glenbrook South High School

April 2014 “Faculty Outside the Classroom” Lake Forest College, Invited by Delta Delta Delta

April 2014 “My Masculinity Helps” Lake Forest College, Invited by SWAN

February 2014 “Sexual Double Standard” Lake Forest College, Invited by Resident Assistant Jordyn Albert

November 2013 “Social Justice in the Classroom” Lake Forest College, Invited by Steve Rosswurm, Ph.D.

April 2013 “Life at a SLAC” Community & Prevention Research Brownbag, UIC, Invited by Dina Birman, Ph.D.

October 2012 “Professors Outside the Classroom” Lake Forest College, Invited by the Dorm Resident Director

April 2011 “What is Community Psychology?” Invited Speaker, Indian University Northwest, Invited by Frances Daniel, Ph.D.

Fall 2010 “LGBT at Lake Forest College,” Lake Forest College, Panel member, Invited by PRIDE

September 2008 “Theories of Ecology” Criminology & Violence, UIC, Invited by Paul Schewe, Ph.D.

October 2007 “Confidence Intervals” Statistical Methods for Behavioral Sciences, UIC, Invited by Michael Levine, Ph.D.

October 2006 “Theories of Ecology” Introduction to Community Psychology, UIC, Invited by Olga Reyes, Ph.D.

Professional Associations

American Psychological Association
Midwest Psychological Association
Society for Community Research and Action (APA Division 27)
Society for the Psychology of Women (APA Division 35)
Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division 2)
Statistics Without Borders

Awards and Honors

January, 2016 ACM FaCE Grant, $6,000

June, 2015  Society for Community Research and Action Community Mini-Grant Award $600

Spring, 2013 Eugene Hotchkiss Leave

2008 Harry S. Upshaw Award for Excellence in Teaching
2001 Macalester College Student Employee of the Year

professor and two students with their research poster at conference

Students present Richter research at Midwest psychology conference

Professor Susan Long and her research assistants Deeya Jhummon '15 and Winta Yohannes '15 take time out for a photo at the Midwestern Psychological Association Conference in May 2013. Jhummon and Yohannes presented the results of their Richter Scholar research project, "How Homeless Battered Women Protect and Support their Children." The rising sophomores conducted their research with Long as Richter Scholars.