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English and Creative Writing

Travis McGhee ’04

Class Year


Area(s) of Study


Current Job

Vice President of Aperture Group, LLC

Why he studied English:

“When I first arrived at Lake Forest College I was confident that I wanted to pursue a career as an attorney, and attend law school immediately after graduating. While I enjoyed literature, I was by no means the strongest writer. However, I believed that undertaking a degree in English would best prepare me for the analytical reasoning that law school demands, along with sharpening my writing skills in the process.”

About the English professors:

“Without hesitation my most enjoyable memory at Lake Forest was the faculty, and the one-on-one attention that each student received. That is the beauty of Lake Forest College. The classes are intimate, engaging and the access to the faculty is unparalleled. This is particularly important when it comes to English studies. English should not be taught in an auditorium of 500 students. Instead, I am of the opinion it demands an environment where students can be heard and facilitate dialogue with expert faculty. I cannot remember the number of times I spent an hour or two after class sitting with one of my English professors, having a cup of coffee, and building on previous class discussions. I challenge someone to find another program out there that provides the access and caliber of professors that the Lake Forest College English department offers.”

Advice for future English grads:

“Keep an open mind about your future. Take this opportunity to develop skills that will help you thrive in a multitude of settings. Learn to analyze, ask questions, and communicate effectively in a class setting (hint: proactively speak up in class). These are all skills that will translate to any career path that life takes you down. Life outside of Lake Forest College demands effective communicators and problem solvers. That being said, I will leave you with this small piece of advice that was never presented to me as a young college student. The key is not to have your life planned out. Rather, the key is to be properly prepared for any opportunity that presents itself. Doors open all the time, sometimes only slightly cracked. It is up to you to recognize the door is open and then be capable of walking through it. The English Department at Lake Forest College will prepare you to walk through it. You simply have to decide which open door you want to walk through.”