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Documentary released on Sadri’s ‘Heroes Take Their Stands’

Performance of Heroes Take Their Stands
June 18, 2021
Linda Blaser

A new documentary brings to light the inspiration behind Professor Ahmad Sadri’s critically acclaimed multi-media live performance, “Heroes Take Their Stands.”

Gorter Professor of Islamic World Studies and Professor of Sociology Ahmad Sadri was a key figure in the production of “ Heroes Take Their Stands,” a multi-media live performance that engages composers and artists to tell five heroes’ stories spanning human history and culture.

Two years in the making,  SILKROAD | Origin Stories: The Making of "Heroes Take Their Stands" tells the story of the beginning of this acclaimed artistic creation performed by Silkroad Ensemble.

Ahmad Sadri in Heroes Take Their Stands documentary“I was always fascinated with heroes. I don’t mean by ‘heroes’ super heroes—heroes that these days we see in Hollywood movies, the kind that grow out of comic book characters—but heroes that are closer to tragic heroes,” Sadri says in the documentary. “What has fascinated me is moments where heroes make a choice, either between right and wrong, good and better. There is this common human moment that heroes confront and at that moment is the moment that words, in my view, always stop. But then I thought, this is where music starts. This is where the universal language of music can express the inexpressable, where the hero takes his stand.”

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