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Students seeking readmission must formally reapply to the College. Applications are expected to be submitted a minimum of four weeks prior to the start of the semester in which the student is applying to return.

Students should complete all of the below steps.

Please read important notes at the bottom of this page before completing an application.

Step One:

  1. Complete and submit a readmission application including the essay questions. 
  2. The essay questions address the following three topics:
    1. The reasons and circumstances for your departure from Lake Forest College.
    2. Your activities since leaving Lake Forest College, focusing on employment (include the names and addresses of your employers) and college-level academic work (an official transcript of such work must be sent to us before your application will be reviewed).
    3. Your plans for future study at Lake Forest College. Please indicate what changes have occurred that have prepared you to  resume your undergraduate program of study.

Step Two:

  • Students who are presently enrolled in another institution are required to submit a complete official transcript from that institution at the time of application. The transcript should be sent to the Office of Admissions at
  • If applying for financial aid, please contact Adriana Rodriguez at

Please Note:

  • Students on an Official Leave of Absence do not need to complete an application for readmission. Contact Cindy Orr at for assistance in returning to the College. 
  • All student accounts must be paid in full before an application for readmission will be considered. 
  • Students with a medical withdrawal must submit medical documentation as outlined in the withdrawal letter and will be required to meet with the Director of Health and Wellness.
  • In cases of suspension for academic reasons, students are not eligible for readmission for at least six calendar months.
  • In cases of suspension for disciplinary reasons, eligibility for readmission is stated at the time of suspension.

Return from Personal or Medical Leave of Absence
Students on a Personal or Medical Leave of Absence do not need to complete an application for readmission, but should follow the procedures outlined below when planning to return to Lake Forest College. 

Personal Leave
Contact Cindy Orr in the Office of Student Affairs at for assistance in returning to the College. 

Please note: If the student does not return for the semester immediately following an approved Personal Leave, the student must either a) request and receive approval for a Medical Leave for the subsequent semester or b) the student will automatically be Withdrawn from the College, with the withdrawal date specified as the last day the student attended classes. 

Medical Leave
Students who wish to return to the College after a Medical Leave when they are well enough to resume their studies must make a request to return via e-mail to the Office of Student Affairs ( at least four weeks prior to the semester in which the student would like to return. The request to return includes two components:

  1. The student should ask their off-campus, licensed, medical provider to provide documentation in support of the student’s return to the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Health and Wellness. This medical documentation should answer the following questions:
    • Is the student able to return to campus and independently manage their condition? 
    • Is the student able to live independently in a residence hall environment?
    • What recommendations does the medical provider offer with respect to issues such as course load, residence hall assignment, and continued treatment, in order to support the student’s successful return to their academic program?
  2. The student should meet in person or via telephone with the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Health and Wellness in order for the College to conduct an individualized assessment of the student’s readiness to return to degree-seeking student status. In some instances, the Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Health and Wellness may request additional documentation from a medical professional beyond what has been submitted, and/or ask the student to sign a release to allow communication with the outside provider, in order to make a more informed decision.