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Notes from Abroad: Merav in France

Merav in front of Eiffel Tower Merav '25 in front of Eiffel Tower
April 14, 2024
Merav Sharma '25

Merav Sharma '25, a business major with a SOAN minor, is studying abroad in France.

This exchange trip has been really impactful to me and my personal life. I was not doing that great mentally and really believed I needed to change the way I view myself and the habits and activities I used to partake in preceding the semester . Through this program, I was able to rebuild myself and hone personal habits of self-improvement and development. Meeting people from a completely different background to mine, travelling on my own and going on spiritual retreats when I had the time was an opportunity for self-reflection and to turn inwards.

I was able to re-take French courses too, a language that I had learnt years ago but had not much practice in anymore. Speaking the language with locals is something that directly improves your foreign language skills and can only be done when you are in the country itself.

My favorite memory would be looking at the stars at night from the city, as it's something that I do not get to do too much back home due to light pollution and over crowdedness. It gave me a sense of perspective, a connection to something larger than myself, a sense of contemplation – to think beyond my ego and fears and to appreciate the beauty of the universe. Looking back at the time spent here in France, it will allow me to cherish memories of a phase where I was able to improve as a person and look forward to future friendships and experiences I am to have.

Eiffel Tower from the bottom:

Eiffel Tower from the bottom