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  • May 13Image preview
    More than 365 Foresters graduated on May 9. Watch the Commencement video online and take a look at this photo gallery, too!
  • May 20Image preview

    Head Athletic Trainer Michael Gilboe has become a sports-injury expert in the media, with recent appearances on TV, radio, and in the newspaper.

  • May 19Image preview
    Nearly 25 alumni met at a Forester’s office for a mid-week networking event in Chicago.
  • May 19Image preview
    Marcel Tatum ’17 earned a spot in the prestigious JP Morgan Early Advantage Program thanks to a Forester alumnus who reached out to Lake Forest candidates.
  • May 18Image preview
    More than three dozen prairie wildflowers were planted in Revery Prairie on Middle Campus on a sunny afternoon in May.
  • May 15Image preview

    Two professors rose to the challenge and created Modern Business Machines, a collage video inspired by the new Chicago play, stop.reset.

  • May 14Image preview
    Eight students were inducted into the national religion and theater honor societies during a combined ceremony in April 2015.
  • May 7Image preview
    Finance major and transfer student Peter Rantis ’16 will expand his skill set this summer in an internship at the Cowen Group in San Francisco.
  • May 5Image preview

    Memory research conducted over two years has resulted in a published paper for a trio of third-year students.

  • May 4Image preview
    Alexis Yusim ’15 found a good career fit for her liberal arts education—weeks before Commencement.
  • May 4Image preview
    Students got to chill out and connect with some furry friends during finals.
  • April 29Image preview
    A Washington D.C.-based reporter turned to Robert Baade for his insight on race and riots to include in a story on the national public radio show Marketplace.  
  • April 29Image preview
    The graduating seniors celebrated the end of classes for the semester at the annual Senior Faculty Cocktail Party.
  • April 29Image preview
    A report by the Brookings Institution shows our graduates have high salaries mid-career and overwhelmingly pay back their loans on time.
  • April 24Image preview
    Director of Athletics Jackie Slaats will be inducted into the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in May 2—in her first year of eligibility.
  • April 22Image preview
    Professor Ahmad Sadri spoke on the need for a liberal arts education in a TED-style talk.
  • April 21Image preview

    Students researched business ideas and pitched them to top professionals in the first Shark Tank-style event on campus.

  • April 20Image preview
    In The Loop students and successful alumni professionals toasted the final Spring 2015 All-Access Mixer on April 16.
  • April 17Image preview

    The Career Advancement Center provided students with the chance to meet with industry professionals to explore career options. 

  • April 17Image preview
  • April 15Image preview

    Students got a leg up on interviewing and job search for the financial analyst industry when they met with professional investment advisors.

  • April 14Image preview
    Finance students toured the Chicago Board Options Exchange and experienced this evolving industry firsthand.
  • April 14Image preview
    Nearly 300 students volunteered for the annual Forester Day of Service. Together, they logged almost 2,000 hours of community service.
  • April 14Image preview

    Mason Zuniga ’16 is going places—New York City, for starters, where he landed an internship with Morgan Stanley this summer.

  • April 13Image preview
    Two journalists visited campus to meet with the Stentor staff and honor Jim McGrath ’79, a lifelong newspaperman who got his start on the student newspaper.
  • April 9Image preview
    More than 80 students presented research about everything from theatrical theories to ant diversity.
  • April 8Image preview

    Two students connected with a Starbucks executive to widen their circle of professional contacts, thanks to the Forester Career Network.

  • April 1Image preview
    Warmer temperatures and bright sunshine lured students outdoors to take full advantage of the spring weather.
  • April 1Image preview
    The Class of 2015 showed a solid commitment to giving back at the Young Alumni Challenge launch party.
  • March 30Image preview
    Shelley Sherman will present her paper, “Nurturing Joyfulness in Teacher Education,” to national education scholars.


  • <span class="lw_news_image"><span class="lw_item_thumb"><a href="/live/news/5456-a-teachable-moment"><img src="/live/image/gid/95/width/80/height/80/crop/1/src_region/0,9,308,317/16364_weekly_news.jpg" alt="Image preview" class="lw_image" width="80" height="80"/></a></span></span><div class="lw_news_headline"><a href="/live/news/5456-a-teachable-moment">A teachable moment</a></div>
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