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Molly Noyed


Associate Director of Admissions, International Recruitment

Phone number



AK, CA, NM, OR, WA, NV, UT, WY, MT, International

High School

Minnetonka High School (Minnetonka, MN)

College and Major

BA - Art History
Beloit College - Beloit, WI

M.A.Ed - concentration in P-12 School and Post-Secondary Leadership
Michigan State - East Lansing, MI 

Working for the College since


My life before Lake Forest

Before joining Lake Forest College, I was an Admission Counselor at Scripps College in Southern California. And, before that, I taught kindergarten in Connecticut!

One word or phrase to describe myself


Top three reasons I would choose to attend Lake Forest College

  1. Quality: Your experience at Lake Forest College can be tremendously hands-on, and we offer wonderful instruction and spaces that help create it.
  2. Friendly: This campus, across all its acres, provides a warm sense of community through its deeply welcoming nature.
  3. Swift city access in a beautiful setting: need I say more?

What character traits do I appreciate in an applicant?

Authenticity is key. Tell me about YOU! Not who your friends think you are, not who your parents hope you’ll become—take this chance to show us the true you, and ultimately, how you will blossom and be at Lake Forest College.

What makes the College unique?

The student leadership opportunities are astounding. You can be involved in anything (and everything) imaginable!

Tip for the college search

If you have the ability to visit campuses, go. Even if you visit a college campus that does not strike your fancy, think of it as a learning experience! Take all those moments, good and not-the-best, and make a mental list for yourself. This will mold the search. We talk about “fit,” and how students can just feel it when they are on the campus that’s right for them, but we understand that not all those who are college-bound have that same access. If you’re not able to step foot on the campus of your dreams prior to applying, check websites for interactive platforms: videos, walking tours, student interviews. Use all your social media skills and put them to work! Even looking at Instagram’s “places” (geolocations) can allow you to electronically bop around a campus. Let yourself go on tangents—all research is good research when it comes to finding your next home!

Hint for success

Starting college can create some serious decision fatigue! With so many neat classes, fun clubs, and engaging on-campus events to attend, the decisions can sometimes seem overwhelming. Ease into it if you need. It’s ok to take some time to yourself in order to find your center before leaping into all that there is to do. Then, make the jump!

Favorite activity in Chicago

Exploring natural spaces around the city. I love running on the Lakefront Trail and adore meandering around the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

Favorite place in the town of Lake Forest

The Lake Forest Beach.

Fun fact to share

I adore waldkindergarten, a German education model otherwise known as a forest nursery or kindergarten. This experience immerses students, rain or shine, into an outdoor education that fosters creativity, curiosity, and respect for the natural world. What could be better than a day spent exploring?