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Career Connections


Internships provide engaging real-life, hands-on work experience and help students to develop necessary skills and mentoring relationships that lead to post-graduate success.

Lake Forest College’s internship program is at the heart of our four-year career preparation plan for students and is an important feature of our Career Pathways program. Students with interests in all majors have access to internships. High-quality internship experiences enhance personal, professional, and academic outcomes. 

Get College Credit for Your Internship 

Over half of students earn credit for internships before graduation.

The College’s location near Chicago and strong network of employers provide students with special access to internships year-round. Students can earn academic credit through their participation in our for-credit internship program, which allows students to complete an internship in place of a traditional class. The assignments completed as part of the for-credit internship program help students to maximize the benefits gained from their internship experience. Students can complete multiple for-credit internships while still graduating on time. 

Wealth of Internships in Chicago and Beyond

Few other colleges can provide students with access to the same range of internship options during the academic year and summer. Chicagoland serves as home to more than 30 global headquarters for Fortune 500 companies, the second largest theater district, and is increasingly becoming known for its thriving technology and entrepreneurship opportunities. Students can live and work in downtown Chicago through the Lake Forest College In The Loop program. Beyond Chicago, students have access to 200+ off-campus study programs - many of which involve internship or research experiences.

While students can access some off-campus research opportunities through the internship program, you’ll find additional information about on- and off-campus research opportunities both as part of the Off-Campus Study Program, Student Honors and Research, and Summer Research sites.

Internship News