Career Connections


Gabe Trujillo '15 researched ants for his internship at Chicago's Field Museum while studying In The Loop.Gabe Trujillo '15 researched ants for his internship at Chicago's Field Museum.

At Lake Forest, students have easy access to great internships. Our proximity to Chicago gives students lots of internship options in business, finance, communications, social service, government, arts, and entertainment, and much more.

Career Advisors and Faculty Internship Supervisors help students create a unique internship search plan.  Students can pursue internships both for credit and non credit during the fall, spring and summer terms.

For Credit Internships:

Available to juniors and seniors who wish to pursue an opportunity linked to their areas of study. Internships are supervised by a Faculty Internship Supervisor who helps facilitate learning and self-reflection. Learn more about the guidelines and process for obtaining a for-credit Internship.  

Non Credit Internships: 

Students who are not yet eligible for a for credit internship, have used all available internship credits, or wish to obtain an internship that does not meet for credit internship guidelines may choose to pursue a non-credit internship.  

Internship Funding: 

The College as well as external partners offer funding to help students cover costs associated with internships.  Specific information, including application procedures and deadlines will be announced in Internship News below and via email.  Typical sources/deadlines include:

  • Lake Forest College Internship Funding Program: Available to all students completing unpaid internships.  Preference is given to students with financial need. 
  • Leslie Chapman Memorial Museum Internship: In memory of former VP of Business Affairs at Lake Forest College. Winner is given an internship with the Lake Forest/Lake Bluff Historical Society and a stipend to cover expenses. Internships offered each fall, spring and summer. Apply via ForesterLink
  • The David B. Mathis Kemper Scholars Program: Prestigious multi-year internship, mentorship, and scholarship program sponsored by the James S. Kemper Foundation. The Kemper Scholars Program’s mission is preparing students for professional leadership positions through experiential workplace learning that applies what they learn in their academic programs. The Foundation believes that undergraduate study of the liberal arts represents the best preparation for life and career.   The program aims to promote education in the liberal arts while providing students opportunities for career exploration and practical experience.  Students apply in their first year at Lake Forest College. 
  • Frederick Hartwig Memorial Internship Award: In memory of a former Union College professor.  Students submit an essay about interest in obtaining an internship in D.C. to be eligible for $1500 in funding. Typical deadline in March.   

Internship News