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Hayley Headley

Richter Project

“Restricted Chicago: Housing discrimination and educational disparities in Chicagoland area” – Hayley Headley ’24 and Aarti Singh ’24 with Associate Professor of Education Desmond Odugu

Academic Interests

International Relations (development, post-colonialism, imperialism, social movements, peace and conflict studies)


Kingston, Jamaica

High School

United World College Maastricht, The Netherlands


Currently, I write for two online magazines as well as the Stentor, I am starting a social project in Argentina, and I coordinate social media and communications for Critical Engagement (and educational consulting firm focusing on identity, social responsibility, and diversity).

My Dream Job

If I can cheat and have two possible dream jobs, they are either the head of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) or the director of my own multinational non-governmental organization (NGO).