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Demetra Tsakos

Richter Project

“Researching young adult fiction for teaching” – Demetra Tsakos ’24 with Professor of English Carla Arnell

Academic Interests

Education, Mathematics


Gurnee, Illinois, USA

High School

Warren Township High School


Church plays an instrumental role in my life and serves as the foundation for problem-solving. At 14 years old, my twin and I started the first women's Greek Byzantine choir at our church (choirs are predominantly male). We wanted to promote a greater representation of women in the Church. I am Assistant Manager at Cutco, Coordinator for Youth Groups like Goya, and a regular volunteer for Feed My Starving Children.

My Dream Job

If there were no obstacles in my way, I  want to discover an inclusive curriculum that represents students of color. As future educator, I believe it is our duty to create a safe place for students to learn.  The education curriculum in elementary and secondary schools lacks authenticity, and I intend to be an educator that projects  authenticity and caringness to  children.