2023 Richter Scholars

Option I Richter Projects

Black History of Lake Forest College: 1940-1970

Tabitha Lynn Andrews and Eliane de Lurdes Wiehl Fenita
Faculty mentor: Courtney Joseph

New Directions in Historiographic Reconsideration of the History of Education in Africa

Marybel Sofia Sacramento
Faculty mentor: Desmond Odugu

Leading by Example as a U.S. National Security Strategy

Emília de Paula Fonseca, Andrea Uxue Sandoval-Torres, and Sarah Maria Faller
Faculty mentor: James Marquardt

New Instruments for General Chemistry Laboratory

Jonathan Luke Chao and Sai Gaddam
Faculty mentor: Jason Cody

Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

Kyla Sue Chevalier, Kylie Donovan Grebinar, and Ian Villardi Venturini Barbosa
Faculty mentor: Nancy Tao

Investigating the Role of Institutional Investors in Online Peer-to-Peer Lending

Zofia Joanna Czarnik and Maggie Jane Fields
Faculty mentor: Nancy Tao

Black Lives Matter and the Original Court Cases and Reactions

Shellane Ashley Shettleworth, Armani Lorenzo Alarid, and DeJanae Harges 
Faculty mentor: R. L. Watson

Analyzing Medical Images for Diagnosis

Edward Aguilar
Faculty mentor: Sugata Banerji

French and Francophone Feminism

Urvee Singh and Atlas C. Hampton-Gregory
Faculty mentor: Tessa Sermet

Oh la la: French stereotypes in media

Brodie Lynne Kaufman and Alice A. Virani
Faculty mentor: Tessa Sermet

Option II Richter Projects

Data 3.0

Anna Ceslavska
Faculty mentor: Arthur Bousquet

Digital Innovation in Linguistic Practices Education and Development in Multilingual Africa

Andrew Kame Kame Mpondo Ngango and Fatma Allam
Faculty mentor: Desmond Odugu

Removing environmentally persistent pharmaceuticals from waste water

Anna Kathleen Garry
Faculty mentor: Erica Schultz

New Materials from Ionic Liquids

Gizem Ilayda Ozturk
Faculty mentor: Jason Cody

Telomere Genetics

Jose Carlos Hernandez Perussina and Martha Sofia Alatorre Martinez
Faculty mentor: Karen Kirk

The Fish Lateral Line System: Hair Cells to Behavior

Anais Azevedo and Jeremy Daniel Levin
Faculty mentor: Margot Schwalbe

Why do people judge that actions are more causal than inactions?

Hoku Mae Canlas
Faculty mentor: Paul Henne

Molecular mechanisms of injury-induced neurodegeneration

Doyinsola Oluwadoyinsola Ogunshola and Ines Andrea Riojas
Faculty mentor: Rebecca Delventhal

Strategies for Filling Up Your Gas Tank

Ako Ogihara
Faculty mentor: Sara Jamshidi

Examining the Role of the Family of Synucleins in Neurodegenerative Diseases using Yeast Models

Holly Ann Kiernan and Leslie Diaz (Casares)
Faculty mentor: Shubhik DebBurman

Artist and Style Recognition from Paintings

Brian Rivera
Faculty mentor: Sugata Banerji

Assessing Procedural Justice in Police Body-Worn Camera Videos

Alexandra Gascoigne
Faculty mentor: Vivian Ta

Towards a host based therapy for tuberuclosis

Alvaro Arroyo and Zoe Danay Draper
Faculty mentor: William Conrad