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Master of Liberal Studies

The Master of Liberal Studies Program is designed for those who have completed a bachelor’s degree and who want to enhance their knowledge and analytical skills to prepare themselves for the challenges of the twenty-first century. 

The Basics

Lake Forest College offers a master’s degree in liberal studies (MLS) to adults who live and work in the community, including teachers, professionals, and anyone interested in pursuing advanced study for their own enrichment and pleasure. At the heart of the MLS program is a series of interdisciplinary seminars, team-taught by faculty members representing different disciplines. These specially designed seminars foster the ability to integrate knowledge from several fields and to deal with major questions in light of the wisdom afforded by a broad understanding of the liberal arts. 

“I had always enjoyed learning, and I had an itch to stretch my horizon's further.” - Robert Arney, MLS Graduate

Getting Started

The MLS program is flexible, designed to be responsive to the needs of individual students.  Students can enter in either Fall or Spring and pursue the program at their own pace.  Students working with an advisor design their own curricular programs.  We will collaborate with you to develop a plan that fits your schedule and your life. 

Educator’s Grant

The MLS program welcomes educators and has a program of grants to help pay tuition.  Educators are eligible for grants that can reduce their tuition per course by as much as half.  Applying for a grant is simple.  Email gayle@lakeforest.edu to learn more.

Spring Session

The seminar in spring offers an interdisciplinary approach to how the past affects the present.  Drawing upon the works of novelists, historians, philosophers, and filmmakers, discussion will focus on two major questions. First, how does the past affect both collective and individual identity? Second, how and in what ways does the past come to be explained? Discussion of works by Burke, Tolstoy, Freud, Woolf, Pontecorvo, and Osborne.  For more information click here.

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Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Programs

Department News

  • Dan LeMahieu, Director of the MLS program gives an update to alumni and students.
    Students and alumni from the Master of Liberal Studies Program gathered in Glen Rowan on Monday night for the annual fall reception.
  • MLS 2019 Graduating class (from left, Bridget Halloran, Dan LeMahieu, Director of the Graduate Program in ...
    Friends, family, faculty, and alumni gathered together at Glen Rowan house on Friday, May 10, to witness three MLS graduates receiving their graduate hoods at a pre-commencement ceremony and reception.
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