First-Year Studies Program

The First-Year Studies Program (FIYS) at Lake Forest College is a new student’s first connection with the academic community on campus. It introduces first-year students to new friends, challenging and engaging professors, and learning opportunities and resources available in nearby Chicago.

All students in their first semester at Lake Forest take an FIYS course as one of their four courses. The First-Year Studies course offerings represent a wide range of topics from many different academic departments and programs. They represent the passionate interests of their instructors, who want to introduce students to a new topic in an intimate academic setting.

While diverse in subject matter, First-Year Studies courses share several aims:

  • They are small in size, in order to encourage discussion and interaction.
  • They are intense and challenging, stressing critical thinking and writing along with the development of good work habits and academic skills. (Note: All First-Year Studies courses satisfy the First-Year Writing Requirement; see the section titled Undergraduate Curriculum.)
  • The instructor serves as the student’s academic advisor.

Photos of First-Year Studies Classes

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    First-year studies classes went to Chicago on August 23, 2011 for a day to explore the city. 
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    Dr. Shubhik DebBurman’s first-year studies students taught elementary students about the human brain in place of their final exam. They created interactive lesson plans that helped the kids learn more about how the brain functions. 
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    Biology and First-Year Study students examine brains during their lab time with Dr. DebBurman.