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Keystone Project

The Keystone Project can be completed any semester or summer before graduation; many students will want to complete it by the end of junior year, so that it can help them to be better informed about healthcare professions, and also to be a competitive applicant. For others, a senior research project or thesis would be an appropriate Keystone Project.

One Keystone Project is required to complete the program. A student might complete more than one relevant project, but only one is required.

The HPP Steering Committee must approve the project plan before it starts. For a timely approval, submit the online HPP Keystone Project Application Form at least a month before the proposed start date.

You must submit a reflection at the end of the project by completing the online HPP Keystone Project Reflection Form

Any one of the following activities may count towards a HPP Keystone project:

1. A faculty-supervised research project linked to health and medicine. This could include a Richter project, an independent research project, a senior project, or a senior thesis. It is possible for the research project to be housed in any department, provided that the relevance to health and medicine is clearly demonstrated.


2. An academic-year or summer internship in the health-care/biomedical research field (different credit levels are available, including non-credit).


3. One or more healthcare professional shadowing experiences. Minimum total of 40 contact hours.


4. An independent research project within a Lake Forest College course that is part of the HPP curriculum. The project must be worth at least 30% of the course grade.


5. You can propose and conduct a health-related project that is outside any of these parameters above, as long as it is approved by the HPP Steering Committee. Minimum total of 80 work hours (equal to 0.5 credit).

Important Note: Keystone project options 1 and 3 can also satisfy the Experiential requirement of the Forester Fundamental Curriculum. Options 4 and 5 may satisfy the Experiential requirement depending on the type of project—please consult with your academic or HPP advisor.

The First Step to your Keystone Project:

The HPP Steering Committee encourages you to explore Keystone Project options as early as possible. Start this process in consultation with the Career Advancement Center (CAC). Your main initial CAC contact is:

Ben Rohde
Science and Health Care Pathway Leader, Gorter Family Career Advancement Center