Internships and Careers

The English major offers creative writing and literature tracks, both of which offer students excellent training for the kind of clear writing, analytical reasoning, and creative thinking necessary for success in any career.

Lake Forest College facilitates five career communities called Career Pathways to help students explore major/career options and position themselves for the internships that will help them to further prepare for productive and rewarding careers after graduation. Students from all majors can participate in the Career Pathways to shape their career goals alongside of their academic interests.

To get an idea for which pathways students might join based upon some common English writing and literature interests, check these out:

  • Editor – Creative Arts
  • Technical writer – Science and Health Care
  • Media associate – Creative Arts
  • H.R. consultant – Business and Finance
  • Lawyer – Law and Public Service
  • Marketing coordinator – Creative Arts
  • Librarian – Law and Public Service

Explore the Career Pathways by participating in events, reading profiles of students’ and alumni experiences, and by joining a pathway (or two). Remember to look at the next steps pages to get ideas for immediate ways to prepare yourself for great internships and a productive, rewarding career after graduation. 


Students have interned at many sites over the years. Here are a few:

  • American Library Association
  • Chicago Scene
  • Chicago Shakespeare Theatre
  • Facets
  • Harold Washington Library
  • June Media
  • Newberry Library
  • 826CHI

Career Pathways

English majors most often find a home in the Creative Arts and Communication Career Pathway or Law and Public Service, but they can also find a home in any Career Pathway.