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William Moskoff


Betty Jane Schultz Hollender Professor of Economics and Business, Emeritus

Economics, Business, and Finance

Department of Economics and Business

William Moskoff is a graduate of Hunter College in New York City and earned a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For more than 35 years, his research focused on the economy and economic history of the former Soviet Union. He authored and edited nine books, including The Bread of Affliction: The Food Supply in the USSR During World War Two (1990) and Hard Times: Impoverishment and Protest in the Perestroika Years (1993) and many journal articles and book reviews. He was a Fulbright Scholar in Romania and was the recipient of a grant from the National Council for Soviet and East European Research. Moskoff also holds an M.S. in Biology, specializing in ornithology. He taught Field Ornithology and team-taught Evolution at Lake Forest College.

He first taught at Lake Forest College from 1970-1972 and, after an absence of 11 years, returned to chair the Department of Economics and Business in 1983. He retired in 2001 but still teaches part-time.