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Politics and International Relations

W. Rand Smith

Rand Smith

Irvin L. and Fern D. Young Presidential Professor of Politics, Emeritus



Comparative Politics:  Western Europe, Latin America
Comparative Political Economy of Advanced Industrial States
U.S. Energy and Environmental Policy

Research Interests

Climate change as a global existential crisis: causes, consequences, possible solutions. Special interest in deforestation (destruction of a primary carbon sink) in Latin America, Africa, and elsewhere.


PhD The University of Michigan
MA The University of Michigan
BA The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Courses Taught

Introduction to Politics, Politics of Western Europe and the European Union, Politics of Latin America, The Vietnam War, U.S. Energy and Environmental Policy, Roots Music in American Society, U.S-Latin American Relations, The U.S.-Mexico Border, Public Policy and the Environment


Cool Wooden Box: Transformation of the American Acoustic Guitar (Knoxville, TN: University of Tennessee Press, forthcoming, 2023).

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Invited Talks

“Who Wins and Who Loses in Privatization?  The Spanish Case in Comparative Perspective,” Center for European Studies, Harvard University, 2005.

 “Still Allies After All These Years? The United States, Western Europe, and the Future of U.S.-E.U. Relations,” Lunch Series on Contemporary Europe, Northwestern University, 2000.

“Unions, Left Governments, and Industrial Restructuring:  France and Spain in Comparative Perspective,” invited conference on “Trade Unionism in the Context of Regionalization and Globalization,” Marne-la-Vallée, France, 1998.

“Industrial Politics:  France and Spain in Comparative Perspective,” Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University, 1997.

“State, Labor, and Corporatism in France:  Lessons of Industrial Restructuring,” invited conference on “A Century of Organized Labor in France:  A Union Movement for the Twenty-First Century,” Columbia University and New York University, 1996.

“Labor and the Socialists: Industrial Restructuring in France and Spain,” invited workshop on “Coalitions Under Stress:  Governing Labor-Based Parties in a Liberalizing World,” Department of Political Science, University of California at Berkeley, 1996.

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“The Left and Industrial Crisis: Restructuring in the Steel and Automobile Industries,” conference on “Labor and the Left in France:  A Decade of Mitterrand,” Wesleyan University, 1992.

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“Split in the Ranks:  The French Socialist Party Congress, 1977,” Paris Metro (July, 1977).

Awards and Honors

Research fellowship (left politics in Italy), Associated Colleges of the Midwest (FaCE Project/Mellon Foundation), 2008

Research fellowship (French and Spanish industrial policy), German Marshall Fund of the United States, 1993-94

Research fellowship (French and Spanish industrial policy), Fulbright European Regional Research Program, 1993-94

Research grant (Spanish industrial policy) , American Political Science Association, 1991

Research fellowship alternate, Fulbright Western European Regional Research Program, 1987

Dunn Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarly Promise, Lake Forest College, 1983 (awarded annually to a junior faculty member by a senior faculty committee)

Fulbright Lectureship, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Grenoble, 1981-82

National Science Foundation Local Course Improvement Grant (for computer applications to classroom instruction), 1979-80

Research award (French labor movement), American Philosophical Society, 1977

Fulbright Lectureship, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines, Paris,1976-77

Levenhulme Fellowship, University of Aston, Birmingham, England, 1974 (declined)

Graduate fellowships: National Science Foundation; Ford Foundation; NDEA Title IV; The University of Michigan, 1969-74