English and Creative Writing

Benjamin Goluboff

Ben Goluboff

Professor of English



American literature


PhD University of Pennsylvania
MA University of Pennsylvania
BA New York University

Courses Taught

English 204 Nineteenth-Century American Literature
English 206 American Environmental Literature
English 224 Literature of the Vietnam War
English 403 Emily Dickinson

Scholarship and Criticism

" Rewilding: Regional, Teachable ." Literary Matters, 13.2, 2021.

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Michael Heller’s  Dianoia: A Briefing,  Jacket2  Fall 2018. 

With Glenn Adelson, “Emily Dickinson’s ‘Arctic flower’: Boreal Relicts and the Botanical Imagination,”  Pennsylvania English, 39.1, (2017): 7-16. 

Edited with Ioana Cornea ’16,  Two Short Plays by Kenneth Sawyer Goodman: The Wonder Hat and Back of the Yards.  Lake Forest College Press, 2016. 

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Creative Work

Man Ray Plays the Patronage Variations Upon Peggy Guggenheim,” Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters, January 20, 2024.

Berenice Abbott Photographs Peggy Guggenheim,” Open: A Journal of Arts and Letters, January 19, 2024.

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The Opioid Epidemic on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.” River Mouth Review, Issue 14, Fall 2023.

Danny Lyon (American b.1942) ‘Self Portrait in Susquehanna Hotel, Third-Floor Room with Grass,” New York 1967.’ Gelatin Silver Print” and  “Danny Lyon Rides with the Cossacks,” and  “Danny Lyon (American b. 1942) ‘Demolition Men’s Headquarters, 38 Ferry St.. 1967’ Gelatin Silver Print.” Misfit Magazine no 38, Winter, 2023.

The Ghost Church of Pilsen: A Lyric Essay,”  Red Noise Collective, Winter 2023.

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National Prose Month” and " Zen and the Music of Earth Wind and Fire," The Elevation Review, Spring 2022.

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When it Ends: A Ten-Minute Play.”  BroadkillReview, October 23, 2021. (As Cluster B. with Cat Hermes). 

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Collaborating writer in  Rescription, eds. Conner and Van Loon, Anobium Books, 2013.

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Awards and Honors

Great Teacher Award, Lake Forest College

Phi Beta Kappa, New York University