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Shiwei Chen

Professor of History
Chair, Asian Studies Program 


PhD History and East Asian Languages, Harvard University, 1998.
MA Modern Chinese History, Peking University, 1985.
BA History, Yunnan University, 1982.


Modern Chinese History
Modern East Asian History

Courses Taught

History 110: World Civilizations to 1650
History 212/Asian Studies 200: Origins of East Asia
History 213/Asian Studies 201: Modern East Asia
Asian Studies 274: Global Engagement in Contemporary China
History 262/Asian Studies 286: Modern Japan
History 340/Asian Studies 307: China’s Cultural Revolution
History 342: Problems in Modern China: Film, Theory & History
History 420: China, Japan, and the West

Student Collaboration

ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Program, 2001, 2009

Selected Publications

“From Nanjing to Nankang: A Comparative Study of Modern China’s Academician System in Nanjing and Taipei.” China Scholarship, General Issue No. 27, 2010, pp. 30-73.

“China through Students’ Eyes: Three Case Studies of China’s Economic and Educational Development,” (Co-author with David Esturain, Ryan G. Glowacz, Caitlin A. Smith, Ian V. Tinley, and Kylie H.  Trotman), in ASIANetwork: http://www.asianetwork.org/programs/freeman/2009sff/lake_forest.html 

“The Evaluation of Modern China’s Academia System and the Emergence of the Academia Sinica,” China Scholarship, General Issue No. 26, 2010, Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 213-248.

“History of Three Mobilizations: A Reexamination of the Chinese Biological Warfare Allegations against the United States in the Korean War,” The Journal of American-East Asian Relations, Fall 2009, Vol. 16, No. 3, pp. 213-247.

“On the Universities of China, Europe, and America,” by William C. Kirby (Translation from English into Chinese), China Scholarship, General Issue No. 25, 2009, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 186-195.

“Academia Sinica and the Founding of Modern China’s First Yuanshi System in 1948.” The Institute of Modern History, ed. Republican China in 1940s, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2009.

“The Germ Warfare Controversies During the Korean War Revealed by the British Archives,” in Wang Jianlang and Luan Jinghe, eds., China, East Asia and World in Modern Time. Beijing: Social Sciences and Academic Press, 2008, Vol. 2, pp. 914-941.

“Search for International Cooperation in the War-Triggered Crisis, Joseph Needham and the British ‘Cultural Lend-Lease’ in Wartime Chongqing,” in Klaus Muhlhahn, ed. The Limits of Empire: New Perspectives on Imperialism in Modern China, (Chinese History and Society), Freedom University of Berlin, LIT VERLAG, 2008, Vol. 33, pp. 87-101.

Twilight in the Forbidden City, by Reginald Johnston (Book Translation from English into Chinese), Jinan, Shandong Newspaper Press, 2007 (364 pages).

“Three International Political Mobilizations Surrounding Germ Warfare During the Korean War: An Interpretation of Chinese and British Archive.” Historical Research, Beijing: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, No. 6, 2006, pp. 115-37.

“Introduction to the Special Issue of The Chinese Historical Review,” The Chinese Historical Review (13:1), Spring 2006, pp. 1-9.

Changing Perspectives on China’s Pursuit of Modernity in the Twentieth Century, (Special Issue of The Chinese Historical Review), The Chinese Historians in the United States, Spring 2006, Vol. 13, No. 1 (202 pages, co-editor with Janet McCraken and W. Rand Smith)

“Academia Sinica and the Scientific Professionalization in Republican China,” China Scholarship, General Issue No. 15, 2003, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 173-213.

“The Making of a Dream: The Sino-American Expedition to Mount Amne Machin in 1948.” Modern Asian Studies, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (37:3), 2003, pp. 709-36.

“Zhong Mei Wai Jiao Cha Qu: Yijiusiba Nian Ji Shi Shan Tan Xian Jie Mi (An Unpleasant Episode in the History of Sino-American Diplomatic Relations)” Twenty-First Century, Hong Kong: The Chinese University of Hong Kong Press, No. 62, December 2000, pp. 11-23.

“Si Shi Nian lai Zhong Guo Da Lu De Han Zhan Yan Jiu (Forty Years of the Korean War Research in China).” In Modern China. Taipei: Modern China Inc. No. 137, June 2000, pp. 133-143. 

“The Role of the Japanese Advisor in Early Republican China: A Consideration of Ariga Nagao,” by Li Tingjiang, (Article Translation), in Twentieth-Century China, Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan, Vol.   XXIII No. 2, 1998, pp. 71-106.

“Legitimizing the State: Politics and the Founding of Academia Sinica in 1927.” Papers on Chinese History, Vol. 6, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1997, pp. 23-41.

“Chinese-American Relations in Retrospect and Prospect,” by William C. Kirby (Article Translation), in Newsletter for Modern Chinese History.  Taipei: Institute of Modern History, Academia Sinica, No. 23, March 1997, pp. 43-51. 

“Change and Continuity: Shanghai Elites’ Political Mobilization in 1900,” in Papers on Chinese History. Vol. 3, Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1994, pp. 95-115.

“Forty Years of the Korean War Research in China,” in Storia della Storiografia, No. 26, 1994, Torino, Italia: Universita di Torino Press, 1994, pp. 101-112.  (Co-author with Liangwu Yin).

“John L. Stuart and Yenching University,” in Zhang Kaiyuan and Arthur Waldron, eds., Christian Universities and Chinese-Western Cultures. Wuhan: Hubei Educational Press, 1991. pp. 164-188.

“A Study of Zhao Fengchang and the 1911 Revolution,” in Modern Historical Research: the Special Issue: The Figures. Beijing: Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Press, No. 3, 1986, pp. 246-281.   

Scholarships and Grants

ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Grant 2009 (Summer 2009) 

Individual Japan Travel grant, Japan Study Program, Great Lakes Colleges Association (Summer 2007)

Visiting Professor Grant, College of Humanities, Chuo University, Tokyo, Japan (Summer 2007)

The Enhancing Scholarly Agendas Initiative Grant, ACM FaCE Project (Summer 2007)

Visiting Senior Research Fellowship, Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore (2006)  

Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Fellowship, Needham Research Institute, Cambridge University (Summer 2004) 

ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellows Grant 2001 (Summer 2001)

Hotchkiss Fellowship, competitive one-semester leave - Lake Forest College (2001)

Harvard Whiting Fellowship for Dissertation Completion, Harvard University (1997-1998)

Foreign Languages And Area Studies Fellowship, the U. S. Department of Education (1995-1997)

Toyota Foundation Research Grant, the Toyota Foundation, Tokyo, Japan. Project title: Creating a Society with Pluralistic Values (1995-1996)

K.T. Li Fellowship, the Center for International Affairs, Harvard University (1994-1995)

Tsai Shao-hua Scholarship, Tsai Shao-hua Scholarship Foundation, Boston  (Summer 1994)

Graduate Society Fellowship, Harvard University (Summer 1994)

Visiting Scholar Fellowship, History Department, Princeton University (1990-1991)

Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar Fellowship, Harvard-Yenching Institute, Harvard University (1989-1990)

Research Grant for Visiting Scholars, the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia, New York (1989-1990)

Recent Conference Presentations

“Wartime Intellectual Collaboration Between Cambridge University, Oxford University and the Chinese Universities-in-Exile.” China and the Outside World (Institute of Modern History, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Changsha, Hunan, China, July 15-18, 2008).

“Search for International Cooperation in the War-Triggered Crisis: Joseph Needham and the British ‘Cultural Lend-Lease’ in Wartime Chongqing.” Conference on Destination Chongqing 1937-45: The Wartime Capital City of Republican China (National University of Singapore, Singapore, June 26-27, 2007).

“Intellectual Mobilization and the Cultural Cold War.” Public Lecture of Asia Rsearch Institute at National University of Singapore (National Library of Singapore, December 14, 2006).

“Chinese Historiography in the Post-Mao Era: A Retrospective and Prospective.” Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association (Chicago, January 4, 2003).

Professional Affiliations

Association for Asian Studies
Center for East Asian Studies, University of Chicago
Chinese Historians of the United States