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Max Briggs

Teaching Associate in Music


Tuba and Low Brass


Max Briggs is a freelance tubist in Chicago and the surrounding area. He has earned a Bachelor of Music degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and a Master of Music from Northwestern University. Currently, Max is pursuing a Doctorate of Musical Arts at Northwestern University and will be ABD in June of 2017. Max is the winner of the 2015 Leonard Falcone International Tuba solo competition. He is also winner of the 2015 Chicago Brass Festival solo competition, and earned second place in the solo competition at the 2014 Falcone Festival. Most recently, he was invited to perform in the Porcia International Tuba Solo competition in Pordenone, Italy.

Max is a founding member of the Temperance Brass quintet, which strives to grow the classical chamber music audience through engaging performances of pop, rock, and classical music in spaces outside the concert hall.

Max is a Teaching Associate at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, IL. He is an experienced masterclass clinician and recitalist. Additionally, he maintains a studio of high school and middle school tuba and euphonium students.