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Dawn Abt-Perkins

Professor of Education, Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Success


Secondary Education
Teacher Education
Multicultural Education
English Language Arts Education
Secondary Reading Instruction


Multicultural Literacy
Teacher Development
Professional Development for Teachers in High-Needs Schools


PhD University of Wisconsin-Madison, Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in English composition theory 
MS University of Wisconsin-Madison, Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in  writing instruction
BS University of Wisconsin-Madison, Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in English education

Courses Taught

First-Year Studies 171:  Examining Educational Equity
English/ Education 232:  Teaching Writing
Biology 209/Education 209:  Biology and the Learning Process, co-taught with Associate Professor of Biology Karen Kirk
Education 210:  Observing the Schooling Process
Education 215: Instructional Communication Theory and Practice
Education 306:  Middle School Internship and Seminar
Education 313: Reading in the Content Areas
Education 315: Middle School Fieldwork and Seminar
Education 418:  Elementary Student Teaching Seminar
Education 420: Discipline-Specific Secondary Instructional Design
Education 421: Student Teaching and Secondary Seminar


Greene, S. and Abt-Perkins, D. (Eds.) (2003).  Making Race Visible:  Literacy Research for Racial Understanding.  Teachers College Press, New York, NY.

Grant-Funded Projects

Alumni Mentorship Project, 2009-currently.  Grant from the Associated Colleges of Illinois Center for Success in High Needs Schools, $2,500 annually to support new teachers in high-needs schools and engage in reflective assessment of the design of teacher education programs in small, liberal arts colleges for high-needs school environments.

Science and Math Learning Collaborative.  October, 2007-2010.  Grant from the Associated Colleges of Illinois Center for Success in High Needs Schools ($40,000 annually for three years) through Illinois Board of Higher Education to support the development of  gender-conscious teacher education programming for middle school teachers.

Linking Learning Communities:  New Teacher Leadership Project. Part of the Associated Colleges of Illinois, Center for Success in High Needs Schools.  United States Department of Education Teacher Quality Grant, 2004-2009.  Project Director ($750,000 for five years).

A Model Collaboration:  Rethinking American History.  United States Department of Education, 2001-2003, with Professor Michael Ebner, Associate Professor Rachel Ragland, Dean of Faculty Janet McCracken and Waukegan Schools administration.

Elected Positions and Appointments

Associate Dean of the Faculty for Student Success, 2017 to present.

Director, Writing Programs, Lake Forest College, 2007 to 2017.

Research in the Teaching of English, Editorial Board, 2010 to present.

Nominating Committee, National Council of Teachers of English, 2008.

Chair, Conference on English Education of the National Council of Teachers of English and Executive Board member, 2002-2005.

Chair, College Forum of the National Council of Teachers of English, 2001.

Associate Chair, Research Assembly of the National Council of Teachers of English, 1997-99; 2005-07.

Faculty Personnel Policies Committee, Lake Forest College, 1998, 2000-2003.

Awards and Honors

Meade Award, National Council of Teachers of English, for distinguished research in English language arts and teacher education, 2003, with Stuart Greene. 

Distinguished Paper Award, American Educational Research Association, Instructional Supervision Special Interest Group, 1998

Hotchkiss Fellowship, Lake Forest College, Fall, 1997.

A.S. Barr Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1992-1993

Carrie R. Barton Memorial Award in English Education, Univeristy of Wisconsin-Madison, 1991-1992

Supervisor, Student Teacher of the Year, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English, 1991

American Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation Journalism Award, 1989

Dow Jones Fellowship for Promising Journalism Teachers, 1988

Articles and Book Chapters

Abt-Perkins, D. (2010). Making the invisible visible: Professors and middle school teachers study classroom climate issues to address the persistence of girls in math and science fields of study.  Associated Colleges of Illinois Center For Success in High Needs Schools Journal.

Abt-Perkins, D. (2011).  Looking for a little inspiration.  In Culturally Relevant Pedagogy: Clashes and Confrontations, edited by Lisa Scherff and Karen Spector. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield.

Pettengill, R., Abt-Perkins, D., Buckley, S. and Babock, K. (2010). Teaching difficult dramatic texts:  A Collaborative Inquiry Using Dramaturgy.  English Journal.

Abt-Perkins, D. (2009). Finding Common Ground: Conditions for Effective Collaborative Professional Development For Professors  of History to Teach Middle and High School Teachers.   In R. Ragland and K. Woestman (Eds.), The Teaching American History Project:   Lessons for Historians and History Educators.  Routledge. 

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