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Software journal to publish paper co-authored by Sara Zelenberg

Sara Zelenberg photo in front of white board containing math problems
October 13, 2021
Linda Blaser

The Journal of Software for Algebra and Geometry has accepted for publication a paper co-authored by Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics Sara Zelenberg.

Zelenberg wrote “Threaded Gröbner bases: a Macaulay2 package” with Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics Sonja Petrovic at Illinois Institute of Technology. In their paper, Zelenberg and Petrovic create a multithreaded approach to calculating a Gröbner basis and introduce a concept of “lineages,” which they believe will be relevant for future machine-learning projects.

“Gröbner bases are a set of polynomials with special mathematical properties necessary for solving important problems in areas ranging from deducing evolutionary trees from extant species, solving possible states of a quantum entangled system, and defining range of motion in robotics,” Zelenberg said. “Calculating Gröbner bases are computationally complex; our package may help discover more efficient ways of calculating these objects. At this point in time, many simple problems remain intractable.”

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