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ACCESS | Why we give

  • Bill Lowry ’84

    “…you get top-notch education in the classroom, but you also have vast opportunities for learning outside the classroom. That’s Lake Forest.”

    Bill Lowry ’84  
  • John and Paula Lillard

    We’re going to be in a position, if we build the endowment, to give a lot more scholarships and help students receive an education at the College.

    John and Paula Lillard  

ACCESS | Your impact

  • Holly Swyers

    “Things that would normally be done by graduate students at larger institutions—research assistantships, independent research projects—are being done by undergraduates at Lake Forest College.”

    Holly Swyers  
  • Olivia Dellomodarme ’19

    “Working on research…you can actually see when you’re making real progress and finally obtaining results. That’s really rewarding.”

    Olivia Dellomodarme ’19