Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Transfer Guide

Oakton Community College Women and Gender Studies (GSW) Transfer Guide courses toward the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (GSWS) minor at Lake Forest College.

  • Three (3) courses must be taken at Oakton to fulfill the Pathway Scholar in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies requirements, including Humanities 140, and students must have completed their associate of arts degree or 60 transferrable credit hours at OCC to receive the Pathway Scholarship and the designated benefits.
  • A maximum of three (3) courses taken at Oakton will count toward to GSWS minor at Lake Forest College. You must take an additional three (3) courses at Lake Forest College to complete the minor.

Oakton Community College

Lake Forest College

*HUM 140 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (must be taken to receive Pathway)

*GSWS 110 Intro to Women’s Gender Studies

HUM 141 Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

Accept toward GSWS minor

HUM 142 Women and Creativity. Fulfills Lake Forest College DP requirement

GSWS 237 Women in Theater

HUM 242 Women, Art and Culture

GSWS 325 Women, Art, and Society

EGL 225 Women and Literature

GSWS 228 Women Writing Women

EGL 228 Gender, Identity and Literature

Accept toward GSWS minor

HIS 235 Women in American History

Accept toward GSWS minor

HIS 236 Women in Western Civilization

GSWS 271 Gender, Sex, Power in U.S. History

PSY122 Human Sexuality

GSWS 206 Human Sexuality

SOC 230 Sociology of Sex and Gender

GSWS 280 Gender, Culture, and Society

BIO110 Sex and Gender Basis of Life, Wellness and Disease

Accept toward GSWS minor

SSC105 Introduction to Ethnic Studies

Not accepted for contribution to the GSWS minor (but can still count be transferred for LF College credit)

SOC104 Sociology of Marriage and Family Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment

GSWS 253 Family and Kinship