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Phi Beta Kappa Senior Thesis Award

pbk-keyThe Phi Beta Kappa Senior Thesis Award is presented at the Senior Honors Convocation in recognition of outstanding scholarship, intellectual maturity, originality, and competence in academic skills as evidenced in the senior thesis.

2022 Karen Gomez
Development of Non-enzymatic Methodology for Degradation of Biologically Active and Environmentally Persistent Pharmaceuticals Compatible with a Living Bacterial Culture

2021 Sawyer Shepard*
Caring for Those Who Care for Others: An Essential Labor Theory

2020 Brett Palmero*
Genotype to Phenotype: Understanding the Localization of the Telomerase Template RNA in Aspergillus nidulans

2020 Lillie Therieau
Ree Morton: Emotional Space 1971–77

2019 Yoan Petrov Ganev*
Combinatorial Impact of α-Synuclein Post-Translational Modifications in Yeast

2019 Eliska Mrackova*
Effects of Prolonged Social Isolation: Sex Differences in Anxiety, Depression, and Sociability Behavior in Male and Female Rats

2018 Lauren Taylor Bell*
Predicting Teacher Attitudes Toward Education Reform Initiatives

2018 Michael Janeček
Investigating the Effects of Social Isolation on Fear and Anxiety in Male Rats: Potential Involvement of the Oxytocin Receptor

2017 Toni Čerkez
From Ankara to Brussels: (De)Constructing Turkey in the European Union 

2017 Emily Ong*
Understanding the Nature of Toxicity of Parkinson’s Disease associated α-Synuclein Familial Mutants (H50Q, G51D, A53E) with Yeast Models 

2016 Natalie Bricker*
Life Stories of Therianthropes: An Analysis of Nonhuman Identity in a Narrative Identity Model

2016 Edward Yonkers*
How Surprise Affects Decision-Making Behavior: An Adaptation of Prospect Theory

2015 Alexis Yusim*
An Analysis of Student Achievement and Measures of Growth under No Child Left Behind

2014 Grant C. B. Alexander*
The Ionothermal Syntheses of Metal Thiophosphates

2013 Sylwia Dakowicz*
Eco-certified Real Estate in Chicago: An Investigation into Corporate Social Responsibility

2012 Sydni M. Cole*
The Effects of Part-Set Cuing in Object-Location and Order Memory

2012 Paulius Kuprys
Identification of the First Telomerase RNA from the Filamentous Fungus Aspergillus oryzae and Related Organisms

2011 Michael Grady Dunn

2010 Michael Patrick Fiske*
Molecular Determinants of α-Synuclein Pathotoxicity in Yeast Models

2010 Gabriella Todorova Panayotova*
An Empirical Study of Security-related Transparency in International Relations

2009  Eder Jaramillo 
Male Identity in Shakespeare’s Plays

2008  Joseph Figliulo*  
What kind of men are these good men?: inquisition, dissent and society in the Languedoc, 1300-1325

2008  Mithaq Vahedi*  
Developing a novel PCR assay to assess telomere length changes in Aspergillus nidulans

2007  David Cantor-Echols  
Abbot Suger’s “safe middle:” notions of power and compromise in twelfth-century France

2007  Christopher Shirley*  
Queering the machine: a theory of camp

2006  George Gerolimatos*  
National socialism: a German revolution?

2006  Katrina Brandis  
Modeling Parkinson’s disease: using two yeasts to assess contributions of oxidative stress and α-synuclein aggregation towards cellular toxicity

2005  Loveena Dookhony  
The impact of orphanhood on health status and educational attainment of children in Uganda

2004  Nijee Sharma*  
Baker’s yeast promotes understanding of α-synuclein’s functional and pathogenic roles

2003  Erica Beth Johnson  
In search of the good life: language, education, and ethics

2002  Charles R. Evans*  
Chemical vapor sensors for air pollutants based on silica nanoparticle thin films

2002  David S. Smith*  
Federal power and Black civil rights: the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871

2001  Dimitar S. Antov*  
Game theory applied to bargaining in economics: general perspectives and a new mathematical model

2000  Marina Petcherskaia*  
Investigation of telomere role by using telomerase template mutants in Tetrahymena themophila

1999  Christine M. Case  
Alteration of antibody light chain variable domain (VL) aggregate structure by single amino acid substitutions and the chaperone protein BiP

1999  Yancy R. Dominick*  
Learning to fall in love: reading Thomas Pynchon’s Gravity’s Rainbow through Chuang Tzu, Plato, and myself

1998  Tiffani Helberg  
A million countless women: a documentary video

1997  Alexey Yuryevich Kaplunov*  
The idea of social progress: an examination of the thought of Alexander Herzen and Nicholas Chernyshevsky

1996  Windell H. Oskay*  
Experimental progress towards measurement of the angular distribution of resonance fluorescence in Lithium

1995  Heather A. Brummel  
Semiempirical study of the Bergman reaction: a computationally efficient and accurate method for modeling the enediyne anticancer antibiotics

1994  Noel Andersen Black*  
Understanding difference through paradox: exploring the relationship of language to religious truth in the writings of William James, William Blake, Alan Watts, Thomas Merton, and Jacques Derrida

1993  Roger Sommer  
Computational and experimental approaches to the synthesis of polycyclic phosphazanes

1991  Will J. Cronenwett*  
Der tod in der dichtung Rainer Maria Rilkes und Hugo von Hofmannsthals

1991  Marcus W. Jurema*  
An investigation of the applicability of the PM3 semi-empirical quantum mechanical method to hydrogen bonded systems

1991  Edward C. Wingenbach*  
Political philosophy in the development of first century Judaism and Christianity: the traditions concerning Yohanan ben Zakkai and the epistles of Paul as sources for political thought

1990  Kelly Harmon  
Mother Jones as “hell-raiser”: the Paint and Cabin Creek strike

1989  Robert Lindenbusch*  
The linear array theory of laser emission

1988  Kelly Leonard  
Writing to God: Jack Kerouac and his beat generation

1987  María Helena Vélez de Berliner*  
Antidependent interdependency within global industries: an alternative path towards the amelioration of dependency in Latin America

1986  R. Bradley Wilson  
“We fight, get beat, get up, and fight again.”: Nathanael Greene, strategy, and logistics in the Revolutionary South, 1780-1781

1985  Philip A. Klinkner*  
Illusions of inferiority, chimeras of strength: Reagan administration military policy 1981-1984

1984  Wayne Robert Rohde*  
El conflicto de dualidad: la unificatión de la trilogía novelistíca de Ernesto Sábato

1983   Carol Heer  
The distressed woman: literary perspectives of femininity in the age of modernism 1890-1930

1982  Judith Owens*  
A study of the effects of sodium orthovanadate on Schizophyllum commune

1981  Toni Gilpin*  
Left by themselves: a history of the United Farm Equipment and Metal Workers of America, 1938-1955

1980  Michelle Matlak Burke*  
Thomas Hocclevé, medieval poet and renaissance man: a study of the early fifteenth century in England

1980  Diane Gartner  
Translation of Poeta en Nueva York by Federico García Lorca

1979  H. Scott Burgess*  
Migration and income disparity: a demographic analysis of internal migration in Canada

1978  Jerah Chadwick  
The book of the dead: revised edition

1977  Michael M. Kash*  
Helium 23S1 beam production

1976  Barbara Stone*  
Six European intellectuals in the trenches of the Great War

1975  John S. Blanchard‡  
An investigation into the mechanism of the enzyme monoamine oxidase

1974  Frederic A. Reese*  
The apple in the vortex: the natural philosophy of Newton and Descartes

*Phi Beta Kappa, Theta Chapter of Illinois – elected to membership
‡Phi Beta Kappa, Theta Chapter of Illinois – elected to Alumni membership