Logan Graham '17

Class Year


Area(s) of Study

Major in Neuroscience and Minor in Chemistry


Fairfield, OH

Graduate Study

Xavier University

Why did you choose Lake Forest College?

I chose Lake Forest College because of its commitment to students, its focus on providing one-on-one attention and learning experiences, with many opportunities to pursue research and leadership roles as early as the first year. I also admired the neuroscience program, its rigorous coursework, and its plentiful opportunities for teamwork and projects, a skill that translates well into the workforce.


How did a liberal arts education make a difference for you?

Taking classes outside your immediate major and interests is very important to developing a well-balanced education and mindset. I think the diversity of thought is one of the major takeaways I received from a liberal arts education, and it is something I value to this day. As a healthcare administrator, it is important to represent and advocate for all patients; thus, welcoming diversity in all aspects is crucial in order to make sure all opinions and viewpoints are considered and heard.


What experiences outside of the classroom do you think helped prepare you for graduate studies?

I thank Lake Forest College for its numerous opportunities to develop leadership and research skills, which I think shaped me into someone who is well-versed in both team and independent work. By taking part in Synapse, Nu Rho Psi, and Eukaryon, as well as pursuing research in the DebBurman lab, in Monteverde, Costa Rica, and Jamaica through the Grace E. Groner Foundation, I was able to explore topics of interest and develop programming based on those interests. By putting classroom experience into practice outside of the classroom, such as developing a medicinal garden for the Monteverde community to profit from, I understood the importance of health and how it extends to all aspects of life. It does not start and stop with a doctor's visit; rather, it extends into the food we eat, the places we live, and the genetics we inherit. This is what interested me in health administration, exploring health as a whole, and learning the tools to support both physicians and the community itself.


How did your time at Lake Forest College help you prepare for master’s programs?

Lake Forest set me up to excel during my master’s programs by helping me developing soft skills that many overlook. For many of my classmates, they were unfamiliar with extensive teamwork, project work, and presentations. Thanks to my experiences at Lake Forest College, I have been able to write concise, yet effective papers, and deliver presentations that are both visually appealing and information driven. These skills alone have set me apart from my classmates, and I attribute them to Lake Forest's emphasis on preparing its students for the workforce or continued education.


What do you think of the new Health Professions Program between Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University?

This is great! Developing interdisciplinary and interprofessional connections and experiences are important to any health professional. As a health administrator, effective communication between all professionals is important to achieve organizational success and, thus, push the health envelope for the future.


How has Lake Forest College set you up for success?

Teamwork is the number one experience that I thank Lake Forest for emphasizing all four years of classes. In order to be successful, you must know how to work with people, most of whom will be different from you. As a good team member, it is important to know how to collaborate well, and how to express opinions in a thoughtful way. Focusing on these soft skills is what really sets you apart and encourages others to seek you out specifically for this skill alone.


What advice would you give a high school student who is looking to pursue pre-health and considering Lake Forest College?

I say take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way! Lake Forest has a lot to offer, especially if you create connections that will last you a lifetime. The Lake Forest College community is one that helps one another and sincerely wants each person to find their path and their own individual journey to success. There are many careers out there addressing health, both from the clinical and non-clinical side; thus, be open to exploring areas that interest you even if they might be unfamiliar! There is no rush to decide on a career. I did not know what I wanted to pursue until after undergrad! Just be open to learning, sharing, and collaborating with others, and the rest will fall into place.