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The concert band at Lake Forest College offers a great opportunity for you to play your woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument while on campus. There is a place for you in the ensemble regardless of major, performance level, and experience.

The Chamber Winds, a select group from the concert band, performs higher-level literature for those seeking a more challenging ensemble experience. The concert band preforms a variety of literature from classic band repertoire, to marches, contemporary literature, and popular selections.


I’m glad I was able to participate in both athletics and band because they balanced each other out. I always thought of swimming as my lifestyle, and band as a hobby, and it was a good distraction from my season. Being able to focus on band when swimming became stressful is one of the main things that has kept me sane over the past four years.
Becky Shaak ’13—Majors: Economics and Mathematics
The Lake Forest College band was a great mixture of all ages and types of music played. It was a great way to relax after a rough day. Being with a bunch of fun people who all enjoyed music was a wonderful way to spend four hours of my week in rehearsal.
Amanda Latimer ’13—Major: Psychology; Minors: Sociology and Anthropology, Women and Gender Studies