Health Professions

Yesenia Uribe ’21

Class Year


Area(s) of Study

Major in Neuroscience and Minor in Chemistry


Round Lake, Illinois

Graduate Study

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Why did you choose Lake Forest College? 

I was drawn by the collaborative learning environment at Lake Forest College. The well established connections with academic institutions near the Chicago area made it possible to partake in learning opportunities alongside graduate school professionals. The proximity to the city, the beautiful campus, and wonderful faculty and staff, are some of the aspects of Lake Forest College that drew me to become a Forester. I knew with the academic and professional resources available I would be able to flourish both in my academic and personal life to be best prepared for future endeavors. 

What attracted you to the Neuroscience major? 

The networks, curriculum, small class sizes and faculty were what attracted me to the Neuroscience major. It was evident to me that professors wanted us to excel in and outside of the classroom. The interactive hands-on learning made the classes and labs all that more rewarding. The curriculum, although difficult, was designed in a student-centric way where learning exploration was encouraged. 

What are your career goals and how did Lake Forest College helping you arrive at and achieve these goals?

I am pursuing a career as a scientist-practitioner with a strong desire to help historically marginalized populations. Lake Forest College provided me with ample resources and experiences that allowed me, while still as an undergraduate student, to explore what career best fit my personal and professional goals. 

How have the opportunities in college helped shape your college experience? 

​I am grateful for every experience I had throughout my undergraduate career. I gained new perspectives, great connections, and mentors along the way. I knew at Lake Forest College, I could go to someone specifically for career, academic or personal advice. The faculty I had the pleasure of connecting with made it pivotal to get to know their students personally. Students learned from faculty more than just the material taught in class!

What are one or more distinctive experiences in your major that make it stand out?

Having been able to conduct research as soon as my second year as an undergraduate student was ​rewarding. I gained a mentor, network, and ally along the way. I was able to dive deeper into the research process and co-write a publication. Additionally, I was able to conduct research at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science and gain an additional lens of research workflow.

What advice would you give to a high school student looking to pursue neuroscience and is considering Lake Forest College? 

Lake Forest College and the neuroscience program is equipped with the tools for a rewarding experience. The neuroscience major sparked an interest in behavior that I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered. The curriculum is built in a way that allows you to further explore biology, chemistry, or psychology courses if desired while fulfilling your requirements. It will provide you all the building blocks needed to succeed!