Health Professions

Diamond Owens ’19

Class Year


Area(s) of Study

Major in Biology


Oswego, Illinois

Graduate Study

Rosalind Franklin University

What made you choose Lake Forest College? 

It’s professors and administrators are very kind and well respected in their fields. Everyone here is passionate about their students and their students learning experience which makes this College unique.

How did a liberal arts education make a difference for you? 

It allowed me to view the world and people more holistically. I initially transferred to Lake Forest College as a Junior with the goal of pursuing an MD in graduate school. At Lake Forest College, I learned of more options for doctorates and decided to pursue my DO. When this didn’t work out, Lake Forest College allowed me to view *myself* holistically and pursue a different doctorate in Pharmacy. 

What experiences outside of the classroom do you think helped prepare you for PharmD studies?

Medical scribing and working as a medical technician helped prepare me for PharmD studies.

How did your time at Lake Forest help you prepare to apply to graduate school? 

Through my class work I learned how to properly write essays and answer questions thoroughly without being too long winded. I believe this along with the help that was always there when I reached out allowed me proper preparation. 

What do you think of the new Health Professions Program between Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University?

Seeing as I will be attending Rosalind Franklin University in August ‘22, I believe this is a GREAT partnership and there could not be two better schools involved to build better health professionals. 

What skills and experiences at Lake Forest College do you believe will help you be successful? 

I believe the group projects and amount of crossover between each area of study will help me be successful. The communication techniques and leadership skills needed to be a part of a group are crucial and well taught at Lake Forest College.

What advice would you give a high school or transfer student looking to pursue pre-health and is considering Lake Forest College?

COME TO LAKE FOREST! You will study and you work hard, and if you dedicate yourself to the work, you will see results. There is always someone to help, should you need it. This College is different in the best and most important ways.