Health Professions

Anna Denslow ’20

Class Year



Spring Lake, Michigan

Graduate Study

Master of Occupational Therapy
Nova Southeastern University Florida

What made you choose Lake Forest College?

I chose Lake Forest College because it gave me the opportunity to continue my athletic career as a volleyball player while also having an amazing education.

How did a Liberal Arts education make a difference for you?

My liberal arts education prepared me in ways I did not even realize going into graduate school. I owe my confidence with presenting and public speaking to my undergraduate professors who incorporated it in our courses at the College. The knowledge and critical thinking skills, developed at Lake Forest College, continuously help me during my graduate studies.

What experiences outside of the classroom do you think helped prepare you for Occupational Therapy studies?

My experiences outside of the classroom at Lake Forest Collage like being a neuroscience SAAC representative, being on the board of athletic council, and being a member of the volleyball team prepared me to take advantage of every opportunity I can being involved in my current program. I am now the Vice President of my Occupational Therapy program because Lake Forest opened my eyes to how amazing being involved can be.

The rigor of the courses, poster presentations, and amazing professors at the College prepared me for this next level of education in so many ways. Lake Forest College prepares us to be adaptable, wise, and positive academics.

What do you think of the new Health Professions Program between Lake Forest College and Rosalind Franklin University?

I think the new health professions program between LFC and RFU is amazing, and I am excited for the opportunity this gives future students.

What skills and experiences at Lake Forest do you believe will help you be successful? 

I encourage all current Lake Forest College students to take advantage of their resources! Join a club, make a study group, and get to know your professors! These opportunities that the College gives you are truly amazing and help you succeed far beyond your four years.

What advice would you give a high school student looking to pursue pre-health and is considering Lake Forest College

To any high school students looking to pursue pre-health considering Lake Forest College, I would say Lake Forest is the reason I was able to pursue my dream of Occupational Therapy school. The support that we are given as students at Lake Forest is above and beyond and truly gives you the skills you need to work towards your dreams. I always know I have people cheering me on back at Lake Forest College and it is quite an amazing feeling.