Senior Theses

Senior Theses: 2001 - Present

Ashley Birnesser
Title yet-to-be-determined

Rebecca Stoia
Title yet-to-be-determined


Gabe Anzeze
The Socio-Economic Impact of Higher Education on African Immigrants in the United States: An Econometric Analysis of Returns on Education

Enrique (Enjo) Salonga
Assessing the Illinois Solar for All Program and its Efforts to Combat Energy Injustice


Alyxandra Benzine
The Effects of Language and Geography on Immigrant Employment and Wages in the United States

Hajar Habbal
An Economic Analysis of the Pink Tax

Sandra Khouri
Breaking Even? An Investigation into the Costs and Benefits of Syndicated Conservation Easements

Mikita Zhylinshi
Investigating Public Transportation Use in the United States: How Do Individual Economic Characteristics Affect Public Transportation Use?


Olga Gutan
A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of the Natural Environment and Suicide

Beall, Katherine
“Defined Contribution Retirement Plans and the 2008 Financial Crisis”

Bell, Lauren
“Predicting Teacher Attitudes Toward Education Reform Initiatives”

Kelly, Michael
“Predicting Academic Achievement, Measured by GPA.”

Malesevic, Gorica
“Use of the Monte Carlo Simulation in Valuation of European and American Call Options”

McTague, Jenny
“An Economic Analysis of the Solar Energy Potential at Lake Forest College”

Shcherbiak, Anna
“Innovation and Interprovincial Income Inequality in China”

Torlo, Maja
“Political Regimes, Institutions, and Development: An Exploration”

 Tyler, Devin
“Black Entrepreneurs on the Rise: The Success Model”

Hennum, Jenny
“A New Theory  of Consumption:  How Debt Has Changed Spending Habits.”

Simeunovic, Kristina
“An Analysis of the Effect of War on the United States Stock Market.”

Acevski, Daniel
“An Examination of Asset Mispricing in a Simple One-Asset Market.”

Ahmed, Aneesa
“A Dream and A Crisis: How American Political Ideology Caused the Financial Crisis.”

Bentley, Katherine
“The 2008 Financial Crisis: How Deregulation Led to the Crisis.”

Yusim, Alexis
“An Analysis of Student Achievement and Measures of Growth under No Child Left Behind.”

Cooper, Lucy-George
“The Impact of Microfinance on Female Entrepreneurs in Tanzania.”

Hennessy, Margaret
“Germany’s 2007 Parental Leave Reforms: The Effects on Women’s Return-to-Work Decisions Following Childbirth.”

Lambert, Megan
“The Lowest Cost at Any Price: The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Global Fashion Industry.”

Ramirez, Jonathan
“The Push to Immigrate: How the Mexican and U.S. Economies Affect Immigration.”

Cai, Wenqiang
“The Role of Innovation in Asymmetric Duopoly Market: Theory and Evidence.”

Dakowicz, Sylwia
“Eco-certified Real Estate in Chicago: An Investigation into Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Gardner, Samantha
“Economic Apocalypse: The Financial Derivatives Story.”

Pielechaty, Lucas
“A New Challenge for Keynesianism: Globalization and Economic Recessions.”

Gard, Joel
“Pay and Performance in the National Hockey League: Testing for the Incentive Effects of Free Agency in the Salary Cap Era.”

Karki, Utsha
“To Lend or Not to Lend: An Analysis of Mortgage Instruments and Borrower Characteristics in 2007.”

Smith, Caitlin
“Growth and Inequality: A Social and Economic Analysis of China’s Growth and It’s Rural Legacy.”

Zhang, Minxu
“Policy Influence and Marketing Strategy of Organic Farming in the United States.”

Aikman, Tasheka
“Why has Jamaica failed to achieve sustainable growth? An empirical study measuring the impact of various socio-economic factors in a developing economy.”

Piermont, Evan
“Willingness to pay and price: An experimental study on systematic correlations in consumer valuation.”

Janjigian, Christopher
“Equilibrium in continuous time games.”

Maskulka, Julie
“The effects of female labor force participation on divorce: Evidence from 1968 – 2007 micro data.”

Monahov, Alexandeer
“An empirical study of corruption factors in Europe.”

Panayotova, Gabriella
“An empirical study of security-related transparency in international relations.”

Tlhokowane, Kelebogile
“Lesotho, South Africa and the Southern African Customs Union”

Burg, Bryan
“Abortion and female labor force participation rates: Evidence post Roe v. Wade.”

Gaulke, Amanda
“Hispanic immigration and U.S. policy: Separating myth from fact.”

Islam, Rahsaan
“Creative capitalism: Harnessing global capital markets and social ventures to enhance international development”

Zapryanova, Mariyana
“United States immigration policy: Past, present, and future.”

Braden, Kim
“On the Road to a Better Costa Rica: CAFTA-DR and its Social and Economic Impacts.”

Fernando, Nelka
“The economic impact of day laborers on local communities: an analysis of the Belmont Milwaukee day labor corner.”

Nicholas, Patrick
“El supermercadomuygrande: The economic impact of Wal-Mart in the United States and Mexico.” 

Lowry, Carolyn E.
“Between Iraq and a hard place: An analysis of Turkey’s foreign policy using prospect theory.”

Shaler, Laney
“Borders are porous: an analysis of trade blocs and border policy responses.”

VonDruska, Jeffrey A.
“What it takes to win in baseball.”

Winkels, Paige 
“Is tax reform necessary? An analysis of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and the current Bush proposals.”

DeMarco, Joseph M.
“The 2004-05 NHL lockout and its effect on the league’s labor market.”

Knowling, Mackenzie L.
“The winners and losers of NAFTA: A closer look at Mexico and the United States. “

Roche, Clayton
“Obesity and the good life.”

Dinh, Lam N.
“21st century pharmaceuticals: An updated analysis of new drug development.”

Dziadula, Eva
“The effect of dental insurance on undertaking an advised treatment.”

Herold, James
“The European Union: A promise delivered or promise deferred?”

Lupo, Katie
“The convergence of the German labor market post-unification.”

Dookhony, Loveena
“The impact of orphanhood on health status and educational attainment of children in Uganda.”

Garabedian, Haik
“Labor in Central and Eastern Europe.”

Klein, Allison
“Water allocations: Balancing equity and efficiency.”

Murphy, Kiel T.
“How enrollment in employer-based health insurance depends on firm size and a worker’s wage.”

Averbuch, Eugene
“Testing game theory in a classroom environment.”

Fador, Kris
“From Guernica to Dresden: Strategic Bombing in the European Theater in World War II.”

Bastermajian, Harry
“The economic viability of a Palestinian state.”

Beightley, Jennifer
“An income model for the composers of popular music throughout music history.”

Castiglia, Kimberly M.
“Hispanics in the United States: A struggle to maintain status in the labor force.”

Harmon, Laura
“The flat tax as a means of  reducing tax avoidance and evasion.”

Vlaikov, Stoyan
“Currency boards in developing countries.”

Williams, Rick J.
“Tort and retort: Misconceptions of the American lawsuit crisis.”

Myer, Arden M.
“Dirty economics: A historical analysis of Argentina’s incurable crisis.”

Talreja, Pooja
“The announcement & inclusion effect: evidence from the Dow Jones 30 Industrials and the Standard & Poor’s 500.”

Antov, Dimitar S.
“Game theory applied to bargaining in economics: General perspectives and a new mathematical model.”

Durso, Christopher K.
“Race still matters: Growth and development of the St. Louis metropolitan area.”

Fisher, Jacob Thomas
“The decision-making of high capitalism.”

Horwitz, Mark
“An analysis of Chile’s social security system as a possible model for the United States.”

Mathew, Blessy
“Labor force participation of women: A comparative study of the United States and India”