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Benefits of Service Learning

Benefits of Service Learning

The key to service-learning is that it is mutually beneficial for the students, the faculty, the college, and the community.

Benefits for the students


  • gives them practical, hands-on, experience that connects directly to their course work and allows them to contribute positively to the community while earning course credit
  • exposes them to new environments, people, and situations
  • provides them with a deeper understanding of the course content
  • gives them opportunities to directly benefit the community and be an active citizen that is making a positive difference
  • can also help them explore interests and give them insight that will help them make future career choices.

Benefits for the faculty

Service-learning helps faculty…

  • foster experiential learning connected to course content. These courses give faculty the opportunity to help students see the topics they are learning in class come to life
  • connect theoretical concepts to real life experiences
  • increase their interaction with students
  • generate collaborative experiences among students 

Benefits for Lake Forest College


  • strengthens the college’s connections in the community and encourages students to be active citizens
  • creates more value for students by increasing interaction with faculty and positively impacting retention
  • demonstrates to students the professional skills that their course work is providing them.

Benefits for the Community

Service-learning projects…

  • provide valuable assistance with research, service delivery, planning and application of academic theory to a wide variety of projects
  • infuse new energy and ideas into organizations
  • help organizations advance their community-focused missions

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