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SWITZERLAND - Kent State - Geneva Internship Semester

At Kent State Geneva, the concept of an international education becomes reality, as 670 students from over 90 countries come together in a community of learners engaged by a faculty representing 25 nations.

From your first day on campus, you will find that there is personalized attention to students, with small classes and direct interaction with professors. Our Library, Writing Center, and Career Services Office are available to assist you and help you to fulfill your academic potential and pre-professional goals.

Our academic facilities are modern, attractive and well-equipped. While students will reside in an off-campus housing facility, Les Berges du Rhone, we have a cafeteria, fitness room, study rooms, and other excellent recreational facilities all located on campus.

Kent State Geneva’s location will add further dimensions to your education. Geneva is home to the United Nations and other major international organizations, numerous multi-national corporations and a vibrant financial and trading center. These organizations and other cultural institutions can provide you with additional opportunities to augment your learning outside the classroom.  


To be eligible to participate in this program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Good academic and judicial standing during time of application AND time of participation in program
  • Undergraduates must have completed at least two semesters of study at Lake Forest College AND have second-semester sophomore status or higher before participation. (Transfer students may participate after the first semester on campus)  Junior status or higher is strongly preferred. 
  • At least 18 years of age by the program’s departure date. 
  • Be able to stay at the host program for the duration of the semester, including through the exam and travel periods
  • Minimum GPA of 3.2.

From your first day on campus, you will find that this university provides personalized attention to its students, with small classes and direct interaction with professors.  

Courses at Kent State Geneva are offered in the following academic disciplines:

  • Business & Management
  • International Relations/Political Science
  • Media Communications
  • Computer Science
  • History/European Studies
  • Psychology
  • Photography & Design
  • Internship Program

Courses are subject to change, and each term new courses may be added or substituted. Registration for classes will take place prior to departure with the assistance of the Kent State University Office of Global Education. It is essential to consult with an academic advisor regarding course selection, and it is recommended that students obtain transient credit approval for at least five to six courses in case first choices do not end up being available. As with any university course offerings, there is a possibility of course cancellation due to low enrollment or other curriculum changes.

Course schedules can be found here.  Although the program is a typical 16-week semester, academically it is split into two 8-week halves. Therefore, most courses run for 8 weeks during either the first or second half of the semester (i.e. “Fall 1”, “Fall 2”, “Spring 1”, “Spring 2”). For undergraduate students, it is recommended to take two courses during each term, equaling 4 minimum courses and 12 credits total.

Most courses are available for a recommended 3 or 4 credits. Classes are taught from Monday to Friday. All courses are taught in English unless otherwise stated. 

Though letter grades will appear on the Lake Forest transcript, they will not factor into a student’s GPA except in calculations of honors or the Dean’s List.  Students must take a minimum of 15 credit hours to obtain the equivalent of 4 Lake Forest College credits.

The Kent State Geneva program uses the US semester credit system, in which 1 credit = 42-45 in-class hours, and 2 hours of out-of-class work per credit hour.

To Earn 4 Lake Forest credits, students must take 15-16 US semester credits.

To Earn 3 Lake Forest credits, students must take 12 US semester credits.

The number of credits listed here is estimated, and GEO will work with you, your advisor, and the registrar to ensure you are earning enough credits to keep you on track for graduation.

Student Life

In addition to the social activities, events and city tours provided during the semester orientation, students have the opportunity to engage in a host of activities and campus clubs/organizations. Whether you are interested in academic or cultural programming, a language exchange, athletics, or theatrical/artistic events - there’s something for everyone! The Student Services Office is there for you during your entire stay and will work hard to help you find your niche and personal community on campus. 

Also, students and faculty work together to deliver high-profile conferences, workshops, and forums. You will have many opportunities to make friends, meet experts and develop your professional network.

  Internship Opportunities

One exceptional component of the Kent State Geneva program is the Internship Program. The program comprises two elements: 1) Internship Placement; 2) Internship Seminar.

Internships are not guaranteed, and students must apply and meet the required academic qualifications (e.g. GPA 3.2 cumulative, detailed cover letter, resume). The Internship Program is a challenging and rewarding experience, and academic credit is awarded upon successful completion of the internship placement and Internship Seminar course pending home institutional approval.

Students will have a wider array of internship placement options if they have an intermediate to advanced level of French proficiency, and can certainly select a French-speaking only placement if their proficiency level is appropriate.

All internships are non-paid due to Swiss immigration policy, but the Internship Program does award students 3.0 academic credits. There is not a set list of possible internships; each applicant is reviewed and a tailored internship is sought for each eligible student regardless of their major. Given the nature of the internship sites and the work of the organizations, some majors are more feasible to achieve internships for than others. We will do our best to assist all eligible students regardless of their major. There is no exact timeline for when students may learn of an internship offer, although most students do receive an offer prior to departing for Switzerland. Once an offer is made, it is highly recommended that the student accept the offer, as it is rare to receive more than one internship offer.

Interns work 20 hours per week if placed at an International Organization and 15 hours per week if placed at a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). If you intern at an NGO you must be enrolled in a minimum of 12.0 credit hours for the semester in addition to the Internship Program (equivalent of 4 academic courses+Internship Program). This heavier course load is due to Swiss immigration requirements for students that intern in Geneva. Students who intern at an International Organization will enroll in a minimum of 3 other academic courses.

Housing and Meals

As a participant in the KSU Geneva program, you will stay in the Les Berges du Rhône housing facility, located in the center of Geneva on the banks of the Rhone River. The Les Berges du Rhone residence facility houses 118 students in double or single rooms -subject to availability. All units are fully furnished and include linens, a small bathroom towel, cutlery and cooking utensils, study table, and other amenities. Depending upon the unit, your apartment/studio will either have a private kitchenette or a communal kitchen on the floor. You will be responsible for purchasing your own food while abroad and may certainly visit the on-campus cafeteria (operated by a French chef!).

Les Berges du Rhone Housing Facility Amenities:

  • Wireless Internet access
  • Handicap access
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities
  • Student lounge
  • Excellent access to public transportation - 2-minute walk to the bus stop!
  • Security cameras and security night guard
  • Nearby jogging path
  • Three Assistant Resident Coordinators
  • On-location Residential Life Office

For more information and images of the Les Berges du Rhone facility, please review the Housing Guide.

Financial Information

For all approved programs for guaranteed financial aid transferability, students pay their Lake Forest College tuition plus a program fee. The program fee for the Geneva Internship Semester program includes orientation, on-site director, university fees, and housing. Students will be assisted in purchasing insurance for Switzerland; it is required by the government.  Meals are not included.

Here is an estimated budget for the Fall 2019/Spring 2020 programs:

Budget Item


Lake Forest College Tuition


Program fee (estimated)

Note: Spring may have added cost for Southern Hemisphere programs, as that starts a new academic year.


Total Expected Billed by Lake Forest College




Estimated Airfare


Estimated Personal Expenses (passport, visas, immunizations, textbooks, supplies, personal expenses, additional national insurance if required, travel insurance, additional travel etc.)


Total Expected Out-of-Pocket Expenses




Tuition rates and program fees are subject to change each year, but this information was up-to-date as of March 2019. We will notify applicants, and update this page if the program fee or other estimates change.

You can discuss with Financial Aid your specific aid package and your expected family contribution.

Keep in mind that you may spend more or less in certain areas like personal expenses, travel, meals, or airfare, depending on exchange rates and your own spending habits. Classroom or lab fees are not included in this estimate and will depend on your course registration choices.  

Don’t forget to apply for scholarships! A great listing can be found here.  

  • Contact:

    For Questions About the Initial Application Process:

    Alexandra Olson
    Coordinator of the Global Engagement Office