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AUSTRIA - Athletes Abroad: Webster in Vienna

Lake Forest College wants to encourage its dual-season and winter-sport varsity athletes to participate in study abroad programs, without having to give up their sport. For this reason, we are working with several of Webster University’s programs abroad, which allow those students to study for a single term (half semester) in one of the several locations, while still bringing their financial aid.

Vienna, considered by many to be the cultural capital of Europe, is a city with unique flair, liveliness, and charm. Generations of artists, students, and connoisseurs of life have sought out Vienna for its inspirational art and architecture, parks and palaces, music and opera, and of course, the famous Viennese coffee houses.


To be eligible to participate in this program, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Able to give academic reasons as to the ability to participate in a half-semester program.
  • Good academic and judicial standing during time of application AND time of participation in program
  • Undergraduates must have completed at least two semesters of study at Lake Forest College AND  have second-semester sophomore status or higher before participation. (Transfer students may participate after the first semester on campus)  Junior status or higher is strongly preferred.
  • At least 18 years of age by the program’s departure date. 
  • Be able to stay at the host program for the duration of the semester, including through the exam and travel periods
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5.  

Vienna is a city where old meets new. With an eclectic art and music scene, rich history and cultural heritage, Vienna attract students from around the world. Students can often be found hanging out in classic Viennese coffee houses, touring modern art exhibits or partaking in one of the many outdoor activities that are popular in the region. For students who wish to explore more of Europe, many European capitals are within a three-hour flight from Vienna.


The campus offers an abundance of space for student learning, studying and interaction including classrooms, academic and staff offices, recording studios, computer labs, and a library.  The library consists of a physical collection of over 10,000 items, including DVDs & sheet music. It also includes an extensive online Library, which allows access to digital collections of academic journals in all subject areas, over 25,000 e-books, e-reference collections, educational streaming video sites, and training materials among other resources. Throughout the building, there are places available for students to meet and study. A popular meeting point is the Student Lounge on the ground floor with a Starbucks coffee corner.

Webster Vienna offers a wide range of undergraduate majors and minors. Students can choose to take courses specific to their academic area or courses from the Global Citizenship Program (GCP), Webster’s globally-focused general education program. GCP courses are regularly offered at Webster Vienna, allowing for a vast selection of general education courses. This includes courses in accounting, business, computer applications, economics, finance, German, international relations, mathematics, management, philosophy, music, politics, psychology, and much more! 

More information on courses can be found on the Webster Vienna website.

Student Life

Students contribute enormously to Webster’s vibrant campus and community through the generous volunteering of their time and energy for various activities and events. For example, students can help out with annual events such as the Graduation Ceremony, Thanksgiving Dinner, Holiday Evenings, SGA events, European Webster football tournament, Community Service Day (Webster Works Worldwide) and others. The Student Services team at Webster-Vienna can help you make the most of being in Vienna with information on the local area, activities, and events across the city!

Housing and Meals

Student-athletes may be eligible to live on campus during their sports season, even if they are planning to study abroad that term. To maintain eligibility to live on campus, students must apply to Residence Life in advance, and meet these conditions:

  • Students need to have a clear judicial record. 
  • Students must take a minimum .5 credits on campus, as a tutorial or other partial-credit course offered in the regular course schedule.  Students would be responsible for finding a professor to sponsor a tutorial.  Partial credit options with flexible scheduling can often be found in applied music and theater.  
  • Students must outline how they will spend their time without a full course load while on campus, whether it is volunteering with a student organization, with a professor’s research, or part-time work.  This is to ensure they will not be a disruption to their peers.
  • Students must choose only from available rooms after full-time students have selected their rooms.  They will pay for their rooms on a pro-rated basis.  If they are living in campus housing, they must also have a meal plan.

On-campus housing at Lake Forest is not guaranteed.  Contact Stacy Oliver-Sikorski during the study abroad application process to apply.

Students may also choose to live at home, if eligible, prior to departing on their study abroad program.

Study abroad students are housed off campus at our housing facility, OeJAB Webster Residence Am Augarten. Am Augarten is well serviced by public transportation and is a 10 - 15-minute walk to the university’s campus at the Palais Wenkheim. Housing up to 80 students, Am Augarten is located at Heinestrasse 15 in Vienna’s second district, a five-minute walk to the famous Prater and Augarten parks. The city center is mere two subway stations away, although it is also easily reached on foot.


  • Double occupancy rooms available.
  • Single occupancy rooms available.
  • All rooms are fully furnished and include bed linens, a bed, a desk, lamp, safe, and closet.
  • Private bath in each room.
  • Housing fee includes all utilities as well as weekly room cleaning.



  • Student lounge area
  • Laundry facility
  • Shared kitchen facility
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Well serviced by public transportation – just a few minutes walk to the metro stop!

Each room is equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and electric hot water boiler.

Kitchen: A community kitchen providing lockers and cooling storage space is available at no extra costs to all residents. The kitchen is equipped with 12 burners and 3 backing ovens, 2 microwaves and 2 sets of sinks.

Laundry: There is a pay card operated the laundry in the basement of the Residence, with 7 Kg. volume washing and drying machines. Each wash costs 2 euro, and each drying cycle costs 1 euro (drying may require more than one cycle). Paycards loaded with 100 euros (which can also be used at supermarkets and other stores in Austria), can be purchased at Reception for 100 euros. Smaller denominational play cards can be purchased online for a fee of 3.90 + the face value of the card.

Security: The level of security at Webster Residence Am Augarten offers peace of mind to students and parents. Both the Residence Assistants and the Housing Coordinator, who is stationed at the reception desk, live on the premises and are available to help students manage and enjoy their residence hall lives as part of the Webster community. Also, students will have a swipe card to access the building and a key for their room.

All bed linens will be provided for study abroad students. Some rooms are equipped with hairdryers. Webster-Vienna does not provide TVs, radios, alarm clocks, or towels. Packing lists will be given to students in their orientation packet towards the end of the semester previous to the term or semester abroad. Both the Residence Assistant and the Housing Coordinator, who is stationed at the reception desk, live on the premises and are available to help students manage and enjoy their residence hall lives as part of the Webster community.

More information on housing can be found here

Financial Information

For all approved programs for guaranteed financial aid transferability, students pay their Lake Forest College tuition plus a program fee.  The program fee for a single term (1/2 semester) to Webster University-Vienna includes orientation, on-site director, college fees, and housing.  Meals are not included.  

In addition, if you are approved by Residence Life to live on campus during the other half of the semester, there will be a pro-rated charge for housing, meals, and fees that are not included in this estimate.

Here is an estimated budget for Spring 2019 program:

Budget Item


Lake Forest College Tuition


Pro-rated fee for housing, meals, and student fees while living on campus (estimated, and depends on your housing choice and length of time on campus)

If you are living at home during the other half of the semester, this fee will decrease to include only pro-rated student fees.


Program fee (estimated)

Note: Spring may have added cost


Total Expected Billed by Lake Forest College


Meals While in Vienna


Estimated Airfare


Estimated Personal Expenses (passport, visas, immunizations, textbooks, supplies, personal expenses, additional national insurance if required, travel insurance, additional travel etc.)


Total Expected Out-of-Pocket Expenses




Tuition rates and program fees are subject to change each year, but this information was up-to-date as of February 2018. We will notify applicants, and update this page if the program fee or other estimates change.

You can discuss with Financial Aid your specific aid package and your expected family contribution.

Keep in mind that you may spend more or less in certain areas like personal expenses, travel, meals, or airfare, depending on exchange rates and your own spending habits. Classroom or lab fees are not included in this estimate and will depend on your course registration choices.  

Don’t forget to apply for scholarships! A great listing can be found here.  

  • Contact:

    For Questions About the Initial Application Process:

    Alexandra Olson
    Coordinator of the Global Engagement Office

Program Dates

Fall Term 1: Late August to mid-October

Fall Term 2: Late October to mid-December

Spring Term 1: mid-January to mid-March 

Spring Term 2: Late March to mid-May

All dates are tentative and may change. Webster University will alert all accepted students of final dates.

Program Type

Affiliated Third Party Provider

Languages of Instruction