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Camille Yale

Camille Yale

Associate Professor of Communication
Chair of Communication
Chair of Journalism (spring)



Critical media studies
Political economy of media industries
Global media and communication practices
Popular culture
New media and communication technologies
Critical discourse analysis
Media history


PhD Institute of Communications Research, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MA Communication, University of Illinois at Chicago
BS Communication, Ohio University

Courses Taught

FIYS: Chicago Media Industries
COMM 110: Introduction to Communication
COMM 256: Communication Research
COMM 281: Theories of Mass Communication
COMM 287: Media Systems and Institutions
COMM 389: Political Economy of Media
COMM 420: Advertising and Consumer Culture

Selected Publications

Johnson-Yale, C. (2017). A History of Hollywood’s Outsourcing Debate: Runaway Production. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.

Johnson-Yale, C. (2015, March). Frozen in Hollywood: Postwar film policy and the new power-geometry of globalizing production labor. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 32(1), 33-47.

Johnson-Yale, C. (2012, March). Book Review: John Allen Hendricks (Ed.), Twenty-First-Century Media Industry. New Media & Society, 14(2), 352.

Johnson-Yale, C. (2011, August). West by Northwest: The politics of place in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain. Journal of Popular Culture, 44(4): 890-907.

Johnson-Yale, C. (2008, June). “So-called runaway film production”: Countering Hollywood’s outsourcing narrative in the Canadian press. Critical Studies in Media Communication, 25(2), 113-134.

Press, Andrea & Johnson-Yale, C. (2007). Political talk and the flow of ambient television. In P. Goldstein & J. Machor (Eds.), American reception study: Reconsiderations and new directions. New York: Oxford University Press.

Jones, Steve & Johnson, C. (2006). Web use and web studies. In J. Masanès (Ed.), Web archiving (pp. 55-70). Berlin: Springer-Verlag.

Jones, Steve & Johnson-Yale, C. (2005, September). Professors online: The internet’s impact on college faculty, their teaching and research. First Monday, 10(9). URL: