Lynn Westley

Lynn Westley

Assistant Professor of Biology, Emerita



PhD Botany, University of Iowa
MS Botany, University of Iowa
BA Biology, Grinnell College


Plant ecology


Plant population biology
Plant resource allocation
Pollination Biology

Courses Taught

Biology 132: Plant-Animal Interactions
Biology 133: Biological Inquiry:  Tropical Rain Forests
Biology 220: Ecology and Evolution
Biology 384: Plant Biology
Biology 483: Senior Sem: Plant and Animal Interactions
Biology 489: Senior Sem:Biological Implications of Global Climate Change
FIYS 107: Environmental Worldviews

Positions Held

Assistant Professor of Biology, Lake Forest College, 2008-present

Supervisor for Internships in the Natural Sciences, Lake Forest College, 2006-present

Senior Lecturer in Biology, Lake Forest College, 2006-2008

Visiting Lecturer in Biology, Cornell College, Fall, 1992

Research Assistant, Botany Department, University of Iowa 1984, 1989
Supervisor:  Robert Cruden, Ph.D. (plant reproductive biology)

Visiting Instructor in Biology, Coe College, 1986
Courses Taught: General Botany, Selected Concepts in Biology General Biology

Research Assistant, Zoology Department, University of Iowa and Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama 1983, 1986
Supervisor:  Henry Howe, Ph.D. (tropical plant ecology)

Teaching Assistant, University of Iowa, 1982-1989
Courses Taught:  Human Biology Discussion Sections and Lab, Ecology and Evolution Discussion and Lab, Plant and Animal Interactions Lab, Introduction to Botany Lab

Research Associate, The Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA Medical School, 1981-1982
Supervisor:  Barbara Crandall, MD (prenatal diagnosis)

Research Assistant, The Laboratory of Human Reproduction and Reproductive Biology, Harvard Medical School, 1980-1981
Supervisor:  Anastasia Makris, Ph.D. (immunology)

Research Assistant, University of California, Berkley, summer 1979
Supervisor:  Suzanne Koptur, Ph.D. (tropical plant ecology in Costa Rica)

College Service

Health Professions Advisory Committee 2010-­‐present

Latin American and Latinx Studies Committee 2009-­‐present

Program Advisor ACM Costa Rica and ACM Oak Ridge 2008-­‐present Admissions Committee ACM-­‐Costa Rica 2011-­‐present

Search Committee, Director ACM-­‐Costa Rica 2009, 2014

Director, Harmony Sustainability Seminar (Groner Foundation) 2012-­‐2014

Director, LFC-­‐Monteverde Institute Summer Program (Groner Foundation) 2012-­‐2014 Director, LFC-­‐Rosalind Franklin University Medical School Summer Program (Groner Foundation) 2012-­‐2014

Kemper Foundation Scholarship Committee 2014 Projects for Peace Selection Committee 2013 Student Symposium Committee 2008-­‐10, 2012

Campus Sustainability Committee 2008-­‐10

Awards and Grants

Groner Foundation – Monteverde Institute Summer Program Grant to support travel and 2-­‐ month internships in Costa Rica for 4 Lake Forest College students (2012, 2013, 2014), $30,000/year

Ecological Research as Education Network (EREN).  Grant for invited participation in All-­‐ Members meeting, hosted by Trinity University, San Antonio, TX 2013

AIG Award for Course Innovation, Lake Forest College (1998, 2000)

MITC (Midwest Instructional Technical Center) Grant for participation in: Teaching with GIS in the Liberal Arts: It’s Hot, It’s New, Now What Do I Do? A GIS Symposium and Workshop hosted by Colorado College, August 5-­‐11, 2007

T.H. McBride Scholarship for Research in Natural History, Lakeside Laboratory Milford, IA (1984, 1985)

Okoboji Protective Association Grant-­‐in-­‐Aid, Okoboji, IA (1984)

Teaching Interests

Plant Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Plant Ecology*, Horticulture,Tropical Biology, Ecology of Plant and Animal Relationships*

 *Publication #3 is a college text in ecology; Publications #2 and #5 are chapters in a plant ecology textbook.

Undergraduate Thesis Students (committee chair or co-chair)

Lauren Bailey*, 2012 (with Dr. Andrew Wilson, Chicago Botanic Garden), Amber Zahler*, 2012 (with Dr. Stuart Wagenius, Chicago Botanic Garden) Pascal Accoh 2012 (with Dr. Kuei Tseng, RFUMS), Chanalee Hocharoen* 2013 (with Dr. Kuei Tseng, RFUMS), Kayla Stephens*, 2013 (with Dr. Rachel Greenley, RFUMS), Jenifer Yost*, 2014 (with Dr. Louise Egerton-­‐Wharburton, CBG), Jillian Pastick* (with Dr. Stuart Wagenius, CBG), Luis Beltran, current

Selected Publications

Ecology of pollination and seed dispersal. In: M. Crawley, Editor, Plant Ecology, Second Edition. Blackwell Scientific Publications, London, 1997. (with H.F. Howe).

Resource allocation to sexual and asexual reproduction in the Jerusalem Artichoke Helianthus tuberosus L. (Asteraceae). Ecology 74:2136-44. 1993.

Ecological Relationships of Plants and Animals, Oxford University Press,  New York 1988 (paperback edition 1990; German edition 1992; Italian edition 1996). (with H. F. Howe).

Pollination and seed dispersal. In: M. Crawley, Editor, Plant Ecology.  Blackwell Scientific Publications, London.  1986. (with H. F. Howe).

Early consequences of seed dispersal in a neotropical tree (Virolasurinamensis). Ecology 66:781-791.  1985.  (with H. F. Howe and E. W. Schupp).

Community Involvement and Professional Affiliations

Advisory Committee – Wildlife Discovery Center, Lake Forest, IL, 2012-­‐present

Science Advisory Committee – Lake Forest Openlands, Lake Forest, IL 2009-­‐2012 Member – Ecological Research as Education Network 2012-­‐present

Member – American Botanical Society 1991-­‐present

Member – Ecological Society of America 1989-­‐present