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Politics and International Relations

Paul S. Orogun


Associate Professor of Politics, Emeritus


Associate Professor of Politics, Emeritus


PhD University of California, San Diego, 1987
MA University of California, San Diego, 1984
BS University of Ife, Nigeria, 1980 

Courses Taught

Politics 110: Introduction to Politics
Politics 211: Islam in Africa
Politics 210: West European Politics and the European Union
Politics 212: Politics of the Third World
Politics 214: Politics of South Africa
Politics 217: African Politics
Politics 310: State and Nation Building
Politics 480: Revolutions and Social Movements
International Relations 480: Social Movements and Political Transformations
Politics 299: Independent Study: Post Conflict Resolution in War-Torn States
ACM Zimbabwe Program: Culture and Society in Contemporary Zimbabwe

Selected Publications

Orogun, P. (2004). “Blood Diamonds” and Africa’s Armed Conflicts in the Post-Cold War Era. World Affairs. Volume 166. No.2. Winter 2004.

Orogun, P. (2004). Plunder, Predation and Profiteering: The Political Economy of Armed Conflicts and Economic Violence in Modern Africa. Perspectives on Global Development Winter 2004.

Orogun, P. (2000). Ethnic Conflicts, Civil War and Regional Destabilization of the Democratic Republic of Congo. World Affairs. The Journal of the American Peace Society. Summer 2002. Washington, DC.

Orogun., P. (2002). Cross-Border Raids, Regional Insecurity and Political Destabilization in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Comparative Analysis of Armed Conflicts in Angola, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. International Studies Association (ISA) Conference Proceedings.

Orogun, P. (1998). The Redemocratization Process in Nigeria: Dynamics of Transition to the Fourth Republic. Book Chapter in: The Future of Democracy and the Betrayal of Posterity, Agonafer, M. (Editor). University Press of America.

Orogun, P. (1995). Patterns and Discontinuities between Pre-Colonial and Post-Colonial State Processes: A Nigerian Case Study. National Political Science Review. Volume 6.

Orogun, P. (1994). Issues in Africa Today. Focus on Africa: World History: Perspectives on the Past D.C. Heath and Company. San Diego.

Book Reviews

West, Michael O. (1982). The Rise of an African Middle Class: Colonial Zimbabwe, 1898-1965. Indiana University Press. Bloomington & Indianapolis. Indiana. Spectrum, Spring 2003, Lake Forest College Alumni Magazine.

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Biersteker, T.J. (1987). Multinationals, the State, and the control of Nigerian Economy. Princeton University Press, The Canadian Journal of African Studies.

Recent Conference Presentations

Electoklepcy and Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Discourses and Dilemmas of Democratic Consolidation. International Studies Association, San Francisco, March, 2008.

Multinationals, Militias, the Nigerian State and Petroleum Politics: The Niger Delta Question. International Studies Association, San Francisco, March, 2008.

Religion, Regionalism, Oil Revenues and Resource Control: Ethnic Mobilization, Sectarian Violence, and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria. American Political Science Association, Washington D.C. August, 2005.

Dynamics and Dilemma of Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria: Sectarian Challenges and Communal Schisms. International Studies Association, Honolulu, Hawaii. March, 2005.

Hegemony and Hybridization: Democratic Deficits, Culture Conflicts and Economic Malaise in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. International Studies Association, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March, 2004.

Prospects, Constraints and Challenges of Democratic Consolidation in African States: Comparative Case Studies of Nigeria and Zimbabwe Experiments. American Political Science Association, Philadelphia, PA. August 2003.

Plunder, Predation, and Profiteering: The Political Economy of Armed Conflicts and Economic Violence in Modern African States. International Studies Association, Portland, OR. February, 2003.

Cross-Border Raids and Regional Destabilization in Sub-Saharan Africa. International Studies Association, New Orleans, LA. March, 2002.

Multinational Corporations, the Nigerian State and Communal Violence in die Niger Delta. Associated Colleges of the Mid West (ACM) African Studies Conference, Colorado College, CO. September 2004.

Energy Politics: Crude Oil, MNCs, Corporate Social Responsibility and the Nigerian State. Publicly Engaged Scholarship, LFC, Donnelley and Lee Library Dedication. October, 2004.

Current Projects

Book Manuscript on: Government and Politics in Modern African States.

Impact of International Extractive Industries on Civil Wars, Armed Conflicts and Communal Schisms in Contemporary African States.

Electoklepcy and Nigeria’s Fourth Republic: Discourses and Dilemmas of Democratic Consolidation.

Multinationals, Militias, the Nigerian State and Petroleum Politics: The Niger Delta Question.


William L. Dunn Award for Outstanding Teaching and Scholarly Promise, May 5, 2000
Hotchkiss Sabbatical Fellowship, Fall Semester 2000 - 2001 Academic Year