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Laura J. Kateley

Associate Professor of Chemistry, Emerita



MS Chemistry, Michigan State University
BS cum laude, Chemistry, University of Detroit

Courses Taught

Organic Chemistry Laboratory
General Chemistry Laboratory
First-Year Studies
Shape, Structure, and Matter

Selected Publications


W. B. Martin, L. J. Kateley, D. C. Wiser, and C. A. Brummond, “Microscale Synthesis of a Diphenylisoxazoline by a 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition”, J. Chem. Educ 79,2002,225-227.

W. B. Martin and L. J. Kateley, “The Heck Reaction: A Microscale Synthesis Using a Palladium Catalyst”, / Chem. Educ 77,2000, 757-759.

M. L. Thompson and L. J. Kateley, “The Nernst Equation: Equilibrium Constants for Complex Ions of Silver”, J. Chem. Educ 76,1999,95-96.


L. J. Kateley, Chemistry in the Laboratory: Introduction to Measurement, Analysis, and Synthesis, 8th edition, Lake Forest College, 2003

L. J. Kateley, Guide for Organic Chemistry Laboratory, 4th edition, Lake Forest College, 2003

Invited Presentations

W. B. Martin and L. J. Kateley “Data Acquisition in Chromatography Using MacLab”, American Chemical Society 203rd National Meeting, San Francisco CA, April 1992

M. L. Thompson and L. J. Kateley “NMR Spectroscopy: Structure Determination in the Introductory Laboratory”, American Chemical Society 212th National Meeting, Orlando FL, August 1996

L. J. Kateley, “NMR Spectroscopy in the Introductory Laboratory”, American Chemical Society 30th Great Lakes Regional Meeting, Chicago IL, May 1997

Grants and Awards

NSF-ILI $100,000 grant: proposal written by L. J. Kateley, E. W. Fischer, and M. L. Thompson for the project entitled “Purchase of an NMR Spectrometer to Implement an Integrated Laboratory Curriculum Focused on Molecular Structure”; awarded August 31,1994.